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Fuzu Afterwork Connect - week of 16th December.

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Attending professional events is critical to your business and career. You get to network and meet interesting people who can mentor and help you grow, learn new skills or secure exciting new opportunities. But we know how tough it is to find interesting events happening around you and picking which one to attend.

We at Fuzu make it easy with our new Blog Series - Afterwork Connect! Every Monday we highlight 4-5 events that we believe are worth your time. Be sure to check in every Monday and if you know of any exciting professional event coming up that you think should be featured, let us know in the comments below!


Customer Experience Management Masterclass 16th-17th/12/2019
Excellent customer experience is known as one of the most vital needs for a business' success. We are all attracted to buy products and services where customers get served the best. Need to learn more on customer service and experience and its overall effect on business development? This event is made for you.
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Invitation to Attend Training in Employability Program Boot Camp – 16th /12/2019 
Tech for Development (T4D) is bringing you a training course on Employability Programme Boot camp which will be competency-based. With a global need to adopt competency-based curriculums, learners will be taught the principle that ‘learners are expected to do rather than mainly focusing on what they are expected to know.’
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Pwani Networking Evening – 19/12/2019
Tsavo Heritage Foundation brings you a monthly Coast Networking event made for counties of Mombasa 001 , Kwale 002 , Kilifi 003 , Tana River 004, Lamu 005 and Taita Taveta 006 . Bring your brand, bring your organizational collateral and business cards. Come be part of this event!
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Kenya Associations Leadership Forum – 18th/12/2019
A boss manages their employees while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection. EventBank is bringing you a leadership-focused event for all to be held at Pinetree Plaza Kaburu Drive, Kaburu Drive, Nairobi. The event will feature well known and competent leaders who will discuss and address the biggest challenges with leadership today and how to solve them.
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Business Writing – 20th/12/2019
Communication is essential in any business operations. We are constantly sending messages, emails and updating social pages in need to pass information. Sometimes we face this challenge on how to be effective in our communications and writing thus a need to learn more. Well, this event will help you on how to make your business writings stand out.
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10 Skills you need – 20th/12/2019
Soft skills have been defined as personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. We need them every day in our lives thus the need to learn about them and how they affect our daily lives.
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    DARWIN | December 22, 2019 11:29

    Sales marketing man

    Frank | December 19, 2019 06:18

    Consider me Motor Vehicle mechanic job

    ONCHOKE | December 18, 2019 11:42

    consider for security guard job

    eliud | December 18, 2019 02:57

    in side of repairing computers no, I am an electrician

    Veronicah | December 17, 2019 06:35

    consider me for any job


    Asuman | December 17, 2019 12:15

    "consider you for any job" This means you can also repair computers🤪🤪🤪

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    Kibuga David | December 18, 2019 07:18

    i can repair computers.

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