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Skills2Grow program provides graduates with the skills and experience necessary to launch successful careers in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving employment landscape

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Yusudi Limited, founded in 2016, prides itself as the to-go-to company that specializes in entry-level talent. Recruiting skilled entry-level talent is tough especially for SMEs and startups. Yusudi runs a graduate training program called Skills2Grow which provides full-time immersive in-person courses that combine intensive classroom-based workshops and seminars, practical work experience-based training and placement in partner companies for a probationary period of 5 months. The Skills2Grow program provides graduates with the skills and experience necessary to launch successful careers in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving employment landscape.

We understand the need for companies, especially SMEs and startups to have access to graduates who are fully equipped with both soft and business skills. 

Our value to Companies:

  1. We find, broad and deep. Our academic network spans 1,200 leading universities and student organizations globally.

  1. We match. Free and painless. On average, our partners enjoy 2:1 interview to success ratios. The industry average is 8:1.

  2. We train. Armed and dangerous. Our graduates train with us full time for six weeks. They come prepared to make an impact and we also provide monthly coaching services to the candidate during the 5 months probation period

  1. You pick. We provide you with the recommended candidates for free, you conduct the interviews for free as well. You only pay a stipend monthly if you take in your prefered candidates for a probationary period of 5 months.  

What sets our candidates apart: 

Ambitious. Purpose-driven. Highly qualified.

  • Top-Level experience & training

  • Degrees from top universities in Kenya both public and private

  • Varied professional backgrounds

  • Professional qualifications & MBAs

  • Purpose-led & ambitious self-starters

  • Volunteers, interns, and management

What roles can we help you fill?

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Customer Service

  • Office administration

  • Finance

  • Junior Accounting roles


“We have hired quite a number of Yusudi trained candidates and what stands out most is the candidates' professionalism in their work. The coaching provided to the candidates helps them to transition into their roles much faster.”  CrownHealth Kenya.

Looking to hire an entry-level talent from our pool of candidates? Please contact the Benbella, Program Manager via +254706414425 (8 am to 6 pm EAT). Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] . Read our employer handbook for more details. 

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