Hottest Tech jobs in 2020.

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2020 represents a new start and applying for these Tech/IT jobs could help advance your career. 

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2020 is here and regardless of whether you work in Tech or IT or are thinking of getting into this industry, the following jobs might be the most competitive and highest paying in 2020 and beyond. 

Data scientist

Businesses and companies are collecting more information every day which makes it even more important for them to hire people skilled in the area of data science. Data scientists spend most of their time doing such work as collecting, cleaning as well as presenting different types of information for companies such as how many customers have visited a restaurant or how many people have visited the company’s social website to help them make decisions on their operations. 

Information Security Analyst

Digital information and computers continue to affect almost everything in today’s business world. For this reason, Information Security analysts have become even more important. They help companies to protect sensitive data such as personal employee information such as their addresses and phone numbers. Security analysts help to make sure the data collected is kept safe and that companies make use of the strongest protection for their systems. 

Software Engineers

Software engineering is one of the most flexible jobs in this list which will become even more popular in 2020.  The applications on your phone and the internet browser you use probably every day are the work of software engineers. Almost every industry today uses some form of software which means that the demand for these workers will likely continue to grow in 2020 and beyond. 

Computer Research Scientists

Computer Research Science is one of the best paying and interesting careers in technology. Computer Research Scientists carry out research that helps companies to discover new ways of doing things such as keeping employee records or monitoring employee performance. In this way,  computer research scientists help to push companies forward. 

Market Research Analysts

For many companies, information and data are critical which is why more positions in companies today are focused on making this data helpful. Data Analysts use their skills to interpret the data collected. For example, they must know how to convert data on the number of customers who have visited a restaurant into helpful information for the marketing department to use. Data analysts have to make sure the data collected is accurate and come up with the best ways to use this particular information. 

2020 represents a new start and applying for these Tech/IT jobs could help advance your career. 

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