How Hollywood Gets Jobs All Wrong

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We know that the movies are made up stories about real life experiences but there are some details about working that they always get all wrong.

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Remember when the dvd guy was the best entertainment dealer in town? Everyone had a guy that could guarantee the latest shows and movies that weren’t ‘camera copy’. Gone are those days because all the rage now is streaming. This on-demand watching has made it so that we have access to more than ever before. If you’re like me, you’ll notice the little details about the workplace in these movies that will have you wondering, "What real life office operates like that?".


Everyone wants to quit their job

The typical 9-5 job where you work your 8 hours and get your pay at the end of the month gets a pretty bad reputation in movies for being the worst possible place you can be. Movies make these jobs out to be soul killing things that people are always trying to get out of to ‘follow their dreams’. This isn’t true of all jobs. Many people find a lot of joy in jobs like this and even find that they fulfil their career ambitions. Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur and some people are perfectly content with working in an organisation that align with their values and challenges them daily.

People are always in meetings

You’d be forgiven for thinking that workplaces are one meeting after another. In most movies, people are always in meetings, late to a meeting or on their way out of a meeting. Is that all people do? Well, while some workplaces do have an irritating amount of meetings, that’s not all you do in the office. There is downtime where you do your own individual tasks. So if you’re heading into the workplace for the first time, worry not, it’s not all meetings.

Everyone is working towards a corner office

Before open plan offices became all the rage, people used to aspire to the ‘corner office’. This was the office that showed everyone you had made it in life, were finally making tonnes of money and were ready to get the best perks. Now, promotions do happen but it’s not always a corner office. If you end up in a start up, chances are you’ll end up sharing desk space with the CEO himself. Companies have moved away from the concept of offices with cubicles and private spaces and have instead embraced open plan set ups where everyone sets up wherever they like.

What did you see in the movies about working that turned out to be false? Let us know in the comments below!

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    BYEWAYO | December 31, 2018 19:23

    I would like to get a job in your company.

    Blessings M.H. | April 25, 2018 16:33

    The fact that most bosses are a nag and they never show appreciation.

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