How to Answer “Why Were You Fired” in a job Interview

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See this subject as an opportunity to show the potential employer that you learned from this situation and are a better employee because of it. 

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If you were fired from your last job, you are probably wondering the best way to explain why this happened at your next job interview because it might just come up. The following tips will help you answer this difficult question: -

  1. Practice the response you want to give. It is important to be comfortable with discussing what could be potentially an embarrassing subject because it means that you will be comfortable to speak about it with the interviewer. It would help to come to an interview prepared to give an explanation on the situation.  For example, speak to your friends and family all the responses you could give to this question and listen to their feedback. Try not to be embarrassed by remembering that even the best worker is sometimes fired.

  2. Keep your answer short and direct.  It is not helpful to give too many details about what happened. Instead tell the interviewer the reason and then push the conversation to another subject. For example, say that you were fired because you showed up to work late too many times but then tell the interviewer how this is a weakness you are working on improving.

  3. Emphasise on your positive traits. Try to turn the interview into a discussion about your abilities and ensure that you can tie them to the qualifications that have been listed on the job description. For example, if the job description asks for the candidate to have teamwork, talk about the contributions you made to help your team increase sales. Try to ensure that the interviewer does not focus on the fact that you were fired but rather the positive things you can bring to the company.

  4. Try not to say that you were ‘fired’. You must always remember that any interview is an opportunity sell yourself and your skills. With this in mind, market yourself by not saying words that would leave the interviewer with a negative thought about you. For example, say that the company ‘let you go’ instead of stating that you were fired.

  5. Do not lie. Try as much as possible not to suggest that you were laid off if you were in fact fired because you will get caught when the interviewer makes reference checks. Speak about your situation as positively and honestly as possible.

No one likes to speak about such an embarrassing topic as to why they were fired but it is a part of being in the working environment. Try to see this subject as an opportunity to show the potential employer that you learned from this situation and are a better employee because of it. 


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    Last time. I was asked why I left the. My answer was. " they were not giving me challeging jobs so I left because I was bored of just doing simple jobs, I wanted something that was tough.

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