How to build long-term relationships in the workplace

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Your networks at the workplace should be selected from a group of people that you can rely on and tap into for insights, direction and most importantly, support. 

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In today’s society where people’s intentions and agendas are very well hidden, it’s hard to build relationships at the work place. And not just relationships, but long-lasting ones. However, these relationships at work are quite important to the success of a team and making it possible for an organization to meet its KPIs. 

Your networks at the workplace should be selected from a group of people that you can rely on and tap into for insights, direction and most importantly, support. You need to find the perfect balance and become both a giver and a taker. You can’t just take or give. 

A good number of people don’t ask for help when they get stuck and this can be detrimental to any organization regardless of whether they are a multinational or startup. 

Here are a few tips on how you can build long lasting relationships at work.

1. Be You

This is pretty straightforward. You need to be you. It’s pretty easy for people to build different personas so as to fit in with certain people. However, lacking authenticity can only hurt you in the end. Build your relationships with people you communicate with easily and have something in common. Most importantly, accept people as they are. Cultural and personality differences are a real thing at the work place. Learn how people operate and accept them for who they are.

2. Respect

It’s not every day that you will agree with something your colleagues say or do. Still, you need to develop mutual respect for them. Disagreeing with people can be done in a professional manner that doesn’t have to lack respect. After all, respect needs to be both ways. As they say, what you dish is what you get. 

3. Get Personal

The best way to learn about people is to get personal with them. No, we aren’t talking about dishing all your life’s problems and issues. The work place can make people tight lipped. Inviting your colleagues out for coffee or lunch – different environment – can make them open up to you easily. You can share experiences, points of view and ideas on both your personal and professional lives and essentially learn from each other. 

4. Have No Expectations

The number one mistake most people make when building relationships is having expectations and assuming that they know-it-all. If you seek to build a genuine relationship, have realistic expectations and be open minded. Your interactions with people help you define who they are. However, you need to accept people the way they are and not how you desire them to be. If your expectation of a person is biased, you are definitely setting yourself up for distress.

5. Be Selective

Not everyone will be your cup of tea and neither will you be everyone’s cup of tea. Find those you clique with and enjoy the ride. Don’t try too hard to impress or fit in with everyone at work. Choose people who can mentor you and help you become the best version of yourself. 

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