How to complete your Fuzu profile and be found by hiring managers

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It’s not enough to just have a Fuzu profile. Create the best profile and stand out. 

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As you actively search for a job, completing your Fuzu profile increases your chances of getting noticed by employers especially now when the competition is stiff due to the high number of professionals who lost their jobs because of Coronavirus.

The market is gradually opening up and recruiters are keen on finding top notch talent that is in the market owing to massive layoffs during the pandemic. These important tips will help you get recommendations that match your profile and rank better against your competition for the jobs you apply for.

Make your profile awesome

It’s not enough to just have a Fuzu profile. It’s important to have a profile that stands out and tells potential employers everything about your capabilities and experience. Your Fuzu profile is a basic summary of who you are and what you do.Ensure that captures your work experience and qualifications/ education. In the brief summary highlight your strengths and areas where you have applied them.

Update all the companies you have ever worked for and the duration that you worked there. A key thing that you should never leave out is the accomplishments you made in your work. For example, did you increase revenue by 40%? Share those highlights to show you are a results-oriented individual. Also bring out a clear definition of your passions, aspirations and vision.

Update your skills

Update your skills and if possible if you gained them through a course, indicate that you have been certified. This enables Fuzu to easily match you with available job opportunities based on your skills. Fuzu has a library of skills where you can select the skills that you possess, just make sure you select the most relevant core skills.

Add a profile picture

Putting a face to your name will give a positive presentation of your personality. Employers receive a huge number of applications and those without a profile picture can easily get pushed aside. A professional headshot that fully captures your face is the best one to use in this case.

Gain free redeemable Fuzu points

When you complete your Fuzu profile, you earn Fuzu points which enable you to purchase Fuzu premium features such as instant feedback, premium CV and Career coaching at subsidized prices. These innovative Fuzu features give you a competitive edge in terms of finding your next opportunity. A premium CV will make you stand out from other applicants while instant feedback will make you know how you compared to other candidates for jobs applied. Career coaching gives you an opportunity to engage a professional career coach for mentorship.

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