How to get a job that doesn’t exist

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Take some time to reflect & really narrow down on what specific role you're looking for and where you'd like it to be. 

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Ever seen someone bag an opportunity you didn't even know existed? Like you didn't even have the chance to apply? This used to happen to me far too often until I levelled up my searching skills. As unsexy as it may sound, it's so necessary.
Here are 5 ways to UP your opportunity searching skills (all tried & tested by me):

1. Figure out which roles & locations are your top priority and do specific Google searches.
The internet is vast and it can be very difficult to find ideal opportunities if you're just searching for broad things such as "business internship". Take some time to reflect & really narrow down on what specific role you're looking for and where you'd like it to be. This is your chance to think BIG! e.g "Marketing internship in South Korea". This search method is how I realised my goal of travelling to California!

2. Check the careers pages of specific companies in your field.
Not all job listings make it to external job boards so checking companies career pages is a must!
Pro tip: you may need to search for relevant companies first and then go to their career pages. For example, search "VC firms in Silicon Valley" ⁣

3. Set up a Fuzu profile to get tailor made recommendations  
New opportunities pop up all the time so to decrease the chances of you missing out, get them sent straight to your mailbox. Some company career pages (like Google's) also let you set up alerts.
Pro tip: subscribe to opportunity websites with newsletter such as Opportunities for Africans.

4. Let people close to you know what type of opportunities you're looking for so that if they see anything relevant, they'll send it your way.

5. Send emails to companies you're really interested in but have no current openings
I know, I know, this does not sound fun. But you'd be surprised how far a compelling email can take you! I used this approach to land an Internship in Japan.


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Mel Kari is a career coach and travel lover! As a young professional, she’s mastered the art of using internships to travel the world. Read more of her top tips & content on her blog and follow her life & travel adventures on Instagram.

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