How To Get A Job With No Experience

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 The most common question asked today is, ‘if all I have to list as my experience is a degree and all jobs require experience, how do I get my first job?’

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The time has come, you have just graduated fresh out of University and the task of finding the first job is upon you. The most common question asked today is, ‘if all I have to list as my experience is a degree and all jobs require experience, how do I get my first job?’
No need to worry, you are not alone here are some tips to help you out:

1. Campus participation

Look back throughout your 4 years at campus, did you volunteer or participate in a club? Perhaps you were a professor's assistance, all of these examples count as work experience. You don’t have to be getting paid for it to count as an experience that you’ve undertaken. List such activities in your CV making sure to highlight the tasks as well as dedication and commitment that you had for each.

2. Highlight your Skills
Take a look at the roles that you are looking to apply for and highlight the required skills that you posses. It could range from computer, communication to research skills.

3. Network
At any stage in your career, networking will play an important role on your path to getting your dream job. Connect with everyone that you know and also reach out to their friends whether through social media, professional events or a coffee meeting, any way that you can stay in touch is important.

4. Volunteer
While searching for your full time job, find one that you can do for free. It’ll help you build networks and gain new skills and experience. Finding a volunteer position is much easier than an internship.

5. Learning Doesn’t Stop In School
Look to see if you can take a short certificate course that will add a skill set to your CV and show a future employer that you are taking initiative. Find ways to stay up to date and expand your knowledge.

Looking for a job can be hard and tiresome but look at it as an adventure and you will never get discouraged. Take life by its horns and take charge!

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    Dan | June 22, 2018 11:46

    Well taken. Thank you.

    PETER | August 28, 2017 11:39

    Nice one here, but what of an instance when you got no experience at all?

    MIRIAM | August 26, 2017 08:30

    Thanks for the advice because i was getting tired of applying for jobs since most needed experience yet am a fresh graduate.

    shadrack | August 25, 2017 07:11

    It is energizing piece

    Jacklyn | August 24, 2017 13:03

    Sure luking for ajob cud be tiresome, bt ur words encourages thaks anyway

    KELVIN ADONGO | August 23, 2017 13:23

    Good piece, what if you volunteer at a place which is totally in contrasting with your grad skill?

    Gabriel | August 23, 2017 12:43

    Thenks Knaw I Know

    SUSAN | August 23, 2017 06:56

    Learnt a lot. Thanks

    GILBERT | August 22, 2017 11:19

    great piece

    Oscar | August 22, 2017 06:01

    Thank you alot,, I now know what to do next..

    Rose | August 21, 2017 19:45 has helped

    mercy | August 18, 2017 07:42

    thenks alot..that is great

    LUCY | August 17, 2017 17:58

    Wow! This is so amazing Thank you for this piece

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