How To Make The Most Of Your Fuzu Experience

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It's free. It's easy. It's your gateway to the best jobs tailored just for you. But are you using Fuzu to its full potential?

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If you met someone from Apple using a Samsung device or vice versa, you'd probably have some questions. You always want to believe the people behind the scenes at a specific company believe in their own product so you want to see them using it. It's the same at Fuzu. We know our platform is the best when it comes to doing more than just job seeking. We build careers and that's why our very own staff is hired through the platform itself! So if you've been job searching for a while and wondering why nothing has come up for you yet, here are a few useful tips from the team that can take you job search from 0 to hired!

Build the perfect profile

The Fuzu platform works a little like a dating site. The more you tell us about yourself the better we can help you find that dream job. When you enter as much education, previous experience and skills information as you can, our system is better able to send you jobs that match your credentials. This is why we encourage you to make sure your profile is filled out to at least the 80% mark. When employers look for talent on our site, your complete profile gives you a better chance of standing out of the thousands of other job seekers.

Get a little help

Whether you've just graduated or have been working for sometime, you could always use a little guidance to help you figure things out. Our career coaches are the best in the business and they can help you figure out your career goals and even start building your roadmap to success with you. The job market can be tough to understand especially when you're starting out or looking to switch careers so this is just the thing if you're looking for a little extra edge to your job search.

Use the free advice

From real life stories on people who have found success on Fuzu to the most practical job advice, our blog is where we have the best advice in the business. As a Fuzu user, you get this awesome content. The best part - it's always what is most relevant to you. We always do our best to stay on top of what's hot to make sure that you get a little entertainment with your career advice.

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