How to Meet work deadlines

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With no deadlines at all, you may think you have so much time and keep on procrastinating.

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Whether it is in your work place or your personal business, you are always working on a timeline. Delivering your work to your employer or client on time makes you dependable and reliable. Deadlines keeps you on your toes and helps with procrastinating. In his book, Fred Pryor notes the importance of deadlines in organizing and focusing on projects. Many a times, deadlines are associated with pressure and stress. However, a research conducted by International Journal for Research in Business shows that stress can bring positive outcomes. It was proved that some people become more creative and effective under pressure. However, having deadlines and meeting them are two different things. To meet those deadlines, ensure that you have realistic deadlines and ensure that you follow;

Start Now

The main reason of having deadlines is to know when the work should be complete. Fred Pryor stresses on the importance of starting a project as this will help you draft your ideas. Also, by starting you are able to identify what to add or remove from your project without feeling pressured.

Prioritize your assignments

Depending on the urgency of commitment required for each project, arrange your projects from the most prioritized to the least. Indicate the start dates and finish dates for each project to help you focus on one project at a time.

Breakdown your assignment

According to research, like the critical path method; knowing what to do and when to do it is effective. Breakdown the assignment into steps that you need to follow to make your work easier. Each step is supposed to guide you as well as help you not to be overwhelmed by the project all at once. 

Have a Clear Outcome

Breaking down your assignment helps you to have a clear outcome in mind. With each step you are accomplishing, you are able move forward quickly as it is already planned. Also, a clear outcome helps in avoiding wasting a lot of time hence meeting the deadlines.

In conclusion, prior planning of your assignments is the key to meeting your deadlines. Be specific with the start and finish date for each assignment to avoid overlapping and getting confused.

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