How to pitch and land paid work.

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It is very crucial to understand how the market works and how to pitch for paying freelance work. 

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In a country where the unemployment is estimated to be as high as 36%, people are looking to freelance work for “gigs” to earn decent income while those who are employed supplement their salary with an additional streams of income by using their skills to get side hustles or part time jobs. It is therefore very crucial to understand how the market works and the importance of how to pitch for paid work. You may have identified a niche and potential clients but if you pitch the wrong way you will miss the deal.

These are important tips that you should keep in mind while looking for paid work. 

Have a portfolio

You should have a catalog of things that you have done in the past. Think of them as testimonials that validate your professional worth. That means that you should have a well-packaged documentation of your work. For instance, a writer should have his/her articles and stories well organized and credited. In case your work is online, be sure to include links to the same for visibility.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Gina Horkey is an experienced freelance writer and in the article My 3 best tips for pitching  she admits that when you are in the beginner stages you will make a ton of mistakes. She also says that you may even lack a client but that is how it all starts.

Be persistent and consistent and don’t give up at the first or second rejection. With time even if you get rejected repeatedly you gain courage, experience and you also refine your pitch to be better than the last one. The proverbial day of days, where you land your first client, will arrive as you keep pushing.

Prove your value

Clients receive dozens of pitches from freelance applicants on a daily basis. Therefore, you will have to offer more than what the client requires. If they are looking for a graphics designer you can go above and beyond and show them how you will promote their work on social media.

Offer more than what you are being asked for and prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you can actually remit value. This will give you an edge over other applicants who can do just what is required with nothing more to offer.

Elements of a good pitch

Your pitch should be nothing short of outstanding. Remember you are not the only one trying to land the gig.

  1. Tailor each pitch to the clients. Avoid using the same blanket pitch for all clients you desire to land.

  2. Include your best samples. Let your portfolio be made up of the best work you have ever done and probably won you accolades.


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