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How To Successfully Change Careers

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Career change takes commitment. Commitment to work, commitment to the processes of change and commitment to your dream. Are you ready to commit? 

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Failure to progress at ones career is one of the key reasons one maybe dissatisfied with his/her current career. As a result of being unhappy, change of career is widely thought to be a solution to your current situation, renewal of passion and achieving success.

In the process of making a career change, one may face challenges thus limit achieving newly set goals.

The following steps may aid one in having a successful career change;

Reassess your current situation – Establish what you love doing most at work. It’s also important to realize what things you hated doing at work so that they won’t replicate themselves in your new career of choice.

Identify new career–It should serve your interest, values and suit your skills and abilities.

Establish transferable skills – Evaluate the skills that you have acquired in your current career or either from an academic background that can be transferred to your new career.

Education – It’s advisable that while still at your current career, you should undertake courses that will give you the knowledge that will help you easily transition into your new career. It may require doing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Work experience – it’s important to remember every employer will be interested to know if you are up to the task. Engaging in ways that will help you gain relevant experience which will be of reference is good for a smooth transition. E.g. volunteering.

Networking – Connect with the right people as it will help you meet your professional goals and form right relationships.

Companies of choice- Have in mind organizations or companies that you aim to work for and that suit your skills in the new career.

Career coach – Having a professional career coach to guide you in making the transition will ease things and avoid making regrettable choices.

Career change takes commitment. Commitment to work, commitment to the processes of change and commitment to your dream. Are you ready to commit? 

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    Benson | January 06, 2018 22:38

    You don't know how much this came up at the right moment

    harriet | January 06, 2018 13:54

    the free training courses are really helpfull

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    smart advice

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    It's too encouraging and helpful

    Thomas | December 12, 2017 12:28

    This is encouraging.

    Thomas | December 11, 2017 14:01

    My current interests and values don't match my skills and abilities. This opportunity comes in the right moment.

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