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How to successfully look for a job in 2019

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Follow companies that you are interested in. Networking online has become a useful tool that can land you a great job.

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Job seeking can be complicated and even a draining process. In recent times, there have been too many job seekers and a handful of opportunities for them. That has made securing a job a challenging process. That does not mean that one should give up the quest in their job search. Here are tips on how to look for a job in 2019.

1.    What are your skills?

It is important that you outline some of the skills that you have as a job seeker. Sort them out and discover which skills are likely to land you a job that you have always desired. Which skills are you looking to capitalize? Use that to guide you on your job search.

2.    Online platforms

Take advantage of a platform like Fuzu which is ready to offer you a helping hand in your job search. You can utilize the site to watch out for any opportunities that match your skills. You can apply for any exciting jobs that seem great for your skills and experience.

3.    Social media

Nowadays it is easy to catch wind of anything through social platforms. If you love Twitter, Facebook, and the likes, follow companies that you are interested in. Networking online has become a useful tool that can land you a great job.

4.    Prepare your documents

Rewrite your resume to match the position before you submit your application. You ought to write a great cover letter to go with it when you are sending the application letter. The cover letter compliments your CV rather than restate everything on it.

5.  Send in your applications

It is essential to apply to as many jobs as you can when looking for a job. In most cases, you find that people forget to hand in applications on time. Be sure to follow instructions given when applying for a job.

Once you follow the steps above, your dream job is an interview away. Here are more tips on how to succeed at job hunting. 

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