How to successfully work out at home

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Set achievable targets for your body and once you achieve them keep increasing them. With time it becomes a lifestyle.

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One of the downsides to self-isolating at home is not being able to go to the gym or working out as we used. Before the Coronavirus situation, we were moving around and had the opportunity to exercise our bodies by walking or indulging in tasking activities. With Corona pressing pause on the hustle and bustle of life, little activity is only facilitating an unfit body,

Here are some tips that you can employ to keep your body in shape by doing some home workouts: -

  1. Start small – Remember the saying, start small but aim big? Do not start by doing vigorous exercises. If you have never worked out before, experts advise that you start with achievable targets like five push ups and sit-ups. Success will only happen with consistency. Once consistency is assured, then growth is inevitable.
  2. Develop systems of accountability- Accountability will keep you on course towards consistent exercise to achieve your targets. One way is by having accountability partners who you work out together with. You can also download apps that keep a record of the work out routines you have done. This helps you track your progress.
  3. Follow gym instructors online- There are so many YouTube videos and work out apps such as Easy Home work outs and also streaming services like Viusasa which curate exercising and working out techniques that you can do at the comfort of your home.
  4. Set achievable targets and achieve them- As you work out you must have a goal. It might be either to lose weight, gain weight or to keep fit. A goal motivates you to be consistent and gives you a sense of direction. Therefore, set achievable targets for your body and once you achieve them keep increasing them. With time it becomes a lifestyle.
  5. Track your progress- Experts advise that for you to have a successful home workout routine you need to have a journal that helps record how every day was. If you had a breakthrough or hit a snag, write them down. It helps you find patterns that you can break or adopt like what to eat before or after a workout session.
  6. Study your body clock- It is paramount to know when your body can easily take in and engage in intense activity and when it would require an incredible amount of effort to do so. It varies for different people as some may be morning people while others may be evening people. Knowing your body will facilitate easier workouts.
  7. Be consistent- Working out is a good challenge because it involves work. Once you psychologically set your mind, consistency will be easy to develop. The first stages are difficult but with consistency it grows to a habit and once the habit grows, it morphs into a lifestyle.

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