How to win it as a first-time manager

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If you want to win, you must first learn the game

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Everybody dreams that they will rise through the ranks and get to the very top of their careers. It is a long process that we are willing to partake. However, maintaining a top position can be a daunting task. Many people make mistakes that are fatal to their careers. If you are a first-time manager, here are some tips that will help get started on the right foot. 

1.    Learn

If you want to win, you must first learn the game. You need to know every single detail that involves your docket. Learn as much as you can when you finally get the top seat. Learning means getting more acquainted to your roles and knowing how to handle your new job.

2.    Get a mentor

As we grow old, we always find it hard to have a mentor. Many people do not think they need mentors. A mentor is an experienced, trusted advisor. Find a good mentor that can guide you when you need advice and be tough when you need a rain check.

3.    Change your focus

The roles change when you get the new title. Your old duties will no longer matter. Being a boss no longer requires you to complete the old tasks but rather to guide others to complete them. The focus was on different skills. Focus on the other side of being in control.

4.    Set a good example

As a boss, you cannot be on bad behavior and expect those below you to deliver. Many CEOs get to work as early as possible. They must portray a good image for their employees to follow. You must uphold company policies to keep those under you in check.

5.    Manage up

You are still under someone even in your managerial post. Do not forget to maintain a great relationship with those above you by reporting directly to them. Remember you represent everyone below you so exercise caution and have their best interest at heart.

You can never go wrong if you follow the steps above.

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