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I found a job and company of my dreams - Harriet Amuron.

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I am now able to embark on my strategic goals towards attainement of my career growth and development.

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Harriet Amuron had been searching for job opportunities on various platforms for some time. As it turned out, it took awhile for her to secure a job. Her search led her to discover Fuzu and nothing was the same from the moment she signed up.

She shared with us her job search experiences and how it is like to work at Tangerine.

How did you get to know about Fuzu?

While  searching for a website with job openings, I landed on Fuzu. I tried it out for the first time and I did not regret. I am very excited to tell the world of this very cost effective website for job search that could connect you to the entire world. No need for newspapers and no payments are involved.-thanks to the creators of Fuzu .

You happen to be one of the many Fuzu users who’ve successfully gotten a job. How was the application process for you?

FUZU simplified it for me by automatically creating my CV. What was left was only clicking on “APPLY NOW’’ on any job opening that suited my qualification. This has been  the most effective and quickest website for job searching. It was so interesting getting immediate feedback regarding receipt of the application, notifications of due dates for submission of application.

What’s your favorite thing about Tangerine?  Any exciting memories so far?

I am so grateful to FUZU for presenting such a wonderful opportunity by connecting me such a remarkable and life changing world. So far, a lot has happened and I can boldly say, I am now able to embark on my strategic goals towards attainement of my career growth and development.

Are there any secrets you used that could also help other job seekers get a job? Or what advice would you give job seekers?

FUZU , is the way to go. All I had to do , was subscribe to FUZU by opening  an account with an active email address. All job openings in my field of study would be sent to my inbox, with reminders of deadline for application.  It was as simple as uploading my CV, passport photo, and academic documents. Fuzu did the necessary modifications to my CV that strengthened and made me compete favourably in the job market.

To all job seekers, Try it out. You shall live to testify !

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    WILLIAM | April 15, 2019 18:48

    We happy for u.. and we r hopeful

    Winnie | April 14, 2019 22:40

    Great thing! Thanks for sharing and encouraging

    Phyllis | April 07, 2019 15:16

    I have faith with Fuzu that I will get my dream job... Thanks so amazing

    juma | April 06, 2019 10:44

    Such inspiring lady I have to pull up too

    Juliet | April 04, 2019 14:45

    Thanks for giving us hope,the search continues.

    Ikisai | April 04, 2019 13:47

    Great inspiration

    Emmanuel | April 03, 2019 11:03

    Actually fuzu team you have made our work easier

    Emmanuel | April 02, 2019 06:45

    Great! And the search continues. Thanks for sharing your Fuzu experience with us.

    AGAABA | April 01, 2019 12:23


    JOHN | March 31, 2019 12:06

    Am still searching on fuzu but looking at the site it looks very promising than all the sites i have ever seen.

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