Important Lessons to Learn from Bob Collymore

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Notable Lessons from Bob Collymore's Legacy
Bob Collymore a celebrated Corporate Figure in Kenya giant telecom industry Safaricom passed on this week. He was a pronounced exceptional CEO who has steered Safaricom to a greater hights of market share. Kenyans have gone massively on social media to describe his legacy.

With notable leadership, much can be learned from the Guyanese as tipped out below:

Bob the great Leader and Mentor :Robert Collymore became Safaricom CEO in 2010. Since taking office; Safaricom has been on the lead as the most profitable Organization in East Africa and with the highest telecom market share in Kenya. He was also a great mentor to many not only to those who knew him personally but also on forums where he got to talk to young people looking upto him. A lot of prominent people from all walks of life attribute their success to his mentoship and guidance. 

Champion of Women and Children Rights :Bob had found a passion for social missions. He was on front-end in fighting genetical mutilation, early marriages in Africa, and gender-based violence. From his social media page, twitter, he had recently signed a petition to demand the criminalization of rape in Senegal.

Amusing Dancer:Away from leadership, Bob had a touch for music. He had made friends with talented Kenyan Artist, example, Juliani and Jimmy Gate. He has danced to Kenyan music his favourites moves being furifuri and Odi Dance. Whenever he danced, he left the audience in gales of laughter. 

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NSE Derivatives Market (NEXT) has kicked off
NEXT is the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) derivatives market that facilitates the trading of futures contracts in the Kenyan market and international markets. With a much-awaited trading kick off, this week NEXT has opened its doors with new opportunities for local and international business investors. They aim to increase integration between Local and international financial markets, manage prices as well as providing strategies in risk analysis and risk management.
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Barclays Bank Kenya plans to offer business training programmes to Kenyan SMEs
Barclays Bank Kenya will be engaging the Small Business Enterprises in 36 counties to help them understand their business models and loan products available for the same. It is evident that most SMEs fail to grow due to lack of credits from financial institutions. They aim to close this gap by matching business models with loan products.
“We are engaging individual SMEs with a view of providing the type of product that reflects their need. SMEs need training on bookkeeping as many were owner-run,” Said Barclays Kenya business banking director Elizabeth Wasunn-Ochwa.
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Glovo sparks Skaters for deliveries in Nairobi CBD
Glovo is Delivery Company which introduced its services in Kenya January of 2019. Since then, bodaboda riders have been their link to customers in deliveries. With the aim to render quick services and increase their market share they will be partnering with skaters in Nairobi CBD for these services. Through the initiative, different professional youth skaters will earn jobs.
“This partnership with skaters is advised by a significant increase in demand for our services from our customers within CBD. The move is also in line with Glovo’s profitable growth strategy,’’ said Glovo General Manager William Bentall.
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First Kenyan Managing Director appointed to gear TetraPak
Jonathan Kinisu has become the first local Managing Director to lead the Food Processing and Packaging company, Tetra Pak. In recent past, the organization leadership has been under foreigners with the current leaving one Swede Håkan Söderholm.

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    Joseph Leo | July 13, 2019 06:37

    its a pity we av lost him, mi his soul rest in peace

    okumu | July 11, 2019 13:33

    So so amusing GOD BLESS YOU

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