Industries expected to boom post Covid-19

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Some industries are more likely to recover faster than others.

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Many industries have been pushed to adapt rapidly to the new normal - working from home. The economy has significantly been impacted with some being more affected than others. Yet some industries are more likely to recover faster than others. Let’s take a look:


This industry has been at the forefront to help save lives through the power of accessible communication. The joint WHO-ITU initiative builds on efforts to circulate health messages. The shift of work environment has brought a rise in demand for connectivity which adds pressure to various networks causing a strain in their system. However, with the use of good cloud computing data centers it will make it easier for their agents to work remotely.      


The increasing number of covid-19 cases has led many physicians and hospital systems to rely on technology to bridge the gap. People are using their phones for just about everything, from shopping online to banking. Now the same device can be used to get healthcare services via telehealth. This will help achieve a universal health coverage by reaching more patients while still cutting costs.


During the pandemic, many have depended on online retail and shopping. Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia just to name but a few are some of the e-commerce sites that are trying to meet the demand.  Many online shoppers have raised fears about the safety of receiving their online orders. However, according to experts there’s a very low risk of spread from packaged products. The increase in demand has led to job vacancies and growth in revenue.   


Honestly, this is one of the industries that will definitely be thriving post covid-19. We are heading to a future that will require the use of technology and the virus has just shown us how crucial it is. Whether it’s from online learning to contact-tracing apps, tech has been essential during this pandemic. Many people have relied on virtual gaming and streaming of movies as a way to be entertained. More innovations are set to be made.

Delivery & logistics

The success experienced in the E-commerce sector consequently caused the delivery and logistics sector to boom. There has been increased demand in B2C delivery services, for example, food take-out and grocery delivery. As soon as the pandemic is over, consumers will have become accustomed to on-demand logistics services.


These are a few examples of the industries that have been able to thrive and stay afloat during COVID-19, there are many more. This is the best time to work on your CV and complete your profile to get noticed by employers in these preparing to hire great talent.

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    Alphat | July 19, 2020 20:22

    It's great because if many industry sectors recover soon in this pandemic of covid 19. It will help us to be employed soon.

    Carey | July 19, 2020 13:47

    It is absolutely true. Sadly, i lack a job due to this pandemic. only need help from fuzu team.

    MUHUMUZA | July 18, 2020 19:40

    I had got a job in an NGO on 17th then on 20th, there was a knockdown. So all of my hopes are in despair.

    julius | July 18, 2020 11:02

    Me personal never had any idea of starting business this year but when covid 19 knocked the territories I had to utilize alitle savings to start small grocery shop but for sure it has helped me to continue with life with out much stress because we been operating from the beginning.calamities break out but at least people have to continue eating .some body can also take assessment and if possible start something little than waiting until situation normalizes .

    Bryan | July 18, 2020 05:58

    All hopes given to fuzu bcoz of it's greatness of finding new jobs on board be blessed bcoz for me I st

    Timothy | July 17, 2020 08:47

    I have been out for the last one year and just before COVID 19 I almost had an opportunity that was shattered by the pandemic. I'm now feeling vulnerable and might not be able to provide for my family in the event that things remain the way they are. I know things will improve and so Fuzu comes in hardy in assisting me to locate that job opportunity.

    Godfrey | July 16, 2020 21:30

    Am a family man and a hotelier by professional pliz get m something to d help m family of 6 pliz

    Wycliffe | July 16, 2020 21:23

    During this pandemic actually we have been in a very big problem, but I hope you will consider me in any opportunity, I wish to hear from you soon

    patrick | July 16, 2020 18:56

    The pandemic has brought uncertainty and to overcome it we need to change tact and strategy

    Emily | July 16, 2020 15:30

    for me it has lead me to lose hope because l applied for a job but after few days the pandemic was announced and since then l have never hard about it and was my first job since l have just completed my studies so it has affected me a lot since am not sure if l will have that chance again.

    Ronny | July 16, 2020 12:27

    First of all does it serve as a solution? Informatics is not a bad idea so different people different predisposition. Was looking the China way for trade offs before Corona. Didn't really clock the deal but here we are stuck. Please more information more elevation it's foggy out here.

    Lameck | July 16, 2020 12:26

    Am hoping so much in fuzu get me another job soon,coz since covid am jobless n family depends on me, having high hope

    betsy | July 16, 2020 11:48

    This pandemic has taught us a hard way but we shall all overcome it if we stay focus and forge ahead in whatever way,perseverance and endurance is the key.Let us be relentless in whatever ways we are fighting it.

    owino | July 16, 2020 10:48

    This is the sad truth. Infact, these industries are not adversely affected.

    Monica | July 16, 2020 10:40

    good information on the impact of COVID 19

    Julius | July 16, 2020 10:10

    The tourism & Education sectors have been the worst hit in this pandemic. I urge many Governments to channel resources to these sectors so that they can be revamped to avoid their total collapse since they contribute a lot to their economies.

    Margaret | July 16, 2020 10:03

    We forget about the crucial industries like agriculture, construction, etc that needs human presence 80% of the time..

    Thomas | July 16, 2020 09:00

    The COVID-19 pandemic has really barred many opportunities and make most of activities ceased from operating normally and especially employment by many organization. We need to establish ways of living with this pandemic and continue with our usual activities.

    JOHN | July 16, 2020 08:23

    Technology has been key driving the mentioned sectors during this covid-19 period. The office environment will nevr be the same again.

    Sandra | July 16, 2020 07:03

    I can't wait for the new normal 🥰

    Madam | July 16, 2020 06:54

    Sincerely this pademic has improved our wits in both parties

    Evans | July 16, 2020 06:40

    The sooner we accept the new reality , its the new normal, the faster we will ( organizations/ businesses ) will recover

    Omara | July 16, 2020 06:23

    Actually this as made me not join many companies since I lost my job

    KASABIRA | July 16, 2020 05:41

    i agree with the above but still the same it remains a priority of those who can afford.

    JUSTUS | July 16, 2020 05:24

    The pandemic has opened our eyes to see what we could not see, that is the e-economy. Technological use in economic advancement in all sectors and spheres of life.

    EMMAH | July 16, 2020 05:06

    The pandamic has really affected the unemployed who applied for vacancies negatively ,no job, fuzu team please help me

    Akandinda | July 16, 2020 04:47

    I hope fuzu will help me get a fresher job because most jobs that are advertised now days seem years of experience yet I have never worked since I graduated. Thank u

    Talibu | July 16, 2020 04:33

    There's nothing like corona as a sickness coz what we corona is a vehicle

    OMURIA MOSES | July 16, 2020 04:27

    I hope fuzu will do needful as many organisations have even cut thre net pay to its employees

    Awor Jennifer | July 16, 2020 03:50

    The fact that the pandemic disorganized all sectors in all sectors of development,we should be more innovatice and creative so as to sustain our selves

    Julius | July 13, 2020 09:16

    i truly accept that the pandemic has improved thinking capacity of not only physicians but also politician, social workers and economist. to this i say that some problems are goo and positive

    David | July 10, 2020 09:54

    Well,I really hope I still get to produce my hits amid the endemic..

    kiprotich | July 09, 2020 20:17

    actually these pandemic has made me not be able to gain another job since last year where i lost the job. i hope fuzu team will make my hope of having another job

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