International Women's Day spotlight: Jackline Migaide

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It’s a day when we come together to celebrate fellow women especially those who have done extraordinary things for the society; we celebrate the strength of a woman.

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As the world comes together this International Women’s Day to celebrate phenomenal women, we’d like to celebrate a woman in a career that is overlooked by most people.

Jackline’s story is of resilience. Her job search journey had her going all the way to Juba, South Sudan only to end up being homeless and sleeping in the streets for a month. Being the strong and hopeful person that she is, she picked herself up and got her career on track working as a waitress.

Fast forward to 2019, Jackline works a security guard and still hopes to go back college to complete her diploma in Information Technology. Here’s what she had to say.

What does International Women’s day mean to you?

It’s a day when we come together to celebrate fellow women especially those who have done extraordinary things for the society; we celebrate the strength of a woman. We also get to challenge and motivate other women to achieve their goals.

What motivated you to study IT? Are you still hoping to go back to school to clear your studies?

I wanted to learn how to be creative and solve technical problems. I also wanted to help make work easier for people. IT is a rapidly evolving field and companies need people with such skills. I’m still hoping to go back to school some day when I get the funds.

You’ve had a quite a varied career – tell us a bit about the different jobs you’ve done.

I worked as a waitress for almost 2 years then got a job as a receptionist. Currently I’m a security guard with one of the leading security companies in Kenya.

What challenges do you face in your current line of work as a security guard?

There are a few challenges. I encounter different types of people. There are some who have no respect because they undermine your job. Work- life balance is also another challenge especially because I have a family.

What motivates you to keep going?

I’m motivated by putting trust in God because I believe he has a good plan for me. If he has brought me this far, he’ll still do it. I’m also a single mother, I have to be strong to take care of my kid. I’m also motivated by other women when I see them make it. It gives me hope, I just have to put in the effort and be myself.

Having overcome quite a number of challenges, what advice would you give other women?

Women should not think that they are the weaker gender. They are equal to their counterparts and can do better things; they just need to be bold in whatever they do. Women should have positive minds so that they can inspire the world. There’s no road without bumps, you’ll eventually make it.

Share with us stories on who or how you are celebrating The International Women's Day. 




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    Fortunate | March 14, 2019 11:55


    Waiswa | March 11, 2019 08:49


    Naftali | March 11, 2019 07:09

    happy womens day

    Mercy | March 09, 2019 08:29

    I celebrate Jackline every day. She is an amazingly strong woman. Seeing her every day motivates me to do even what seems to be unattainable, impossible. She is an inspiration. Great wonderful amazing advice Jackline

    KIBITHE | March 08, 2019 17:39

    Happy women's day to all women and especially my mom.

    Ronald | March 08, 2019 15:58

    Happy women's day to every single woman and girl in this planet.women are the strong bone,the mothers of the world.and with respect I appreciate Jacqueline and not forgetting the woman who gave life to me.

    Nancy | March 08, 2019 15:47

    Your a strong woman Jacky and especially the profession your in , I salute you girl and motivating other women too.

    CATHERINE | March 08, 2019 14:08

    Happy womens' day to all women who are women

    Kelvin | March 08, 2019 12:48

    I Celebrate you jackline

    Martin | March 08, 2019 10:00

    I celebrate my Mum today.She's been an amazing, wonderful woman to our family.

    KANYESIGYE | March 08, 2019 09:24

    Thanks for such an inspiring story! It's true wome we should stand bold and refuse being stepped on, demand respect, stand up to poor treatment and abuse! We deserve better. We are mothers to everyone on this earth. Mary the most blessed woman gave birth to Jesus. Isn't that amazing!!. Men should learn to respect Us. HAPOY WOMEN'S DAU TO ALL THE LOVELY WOMEN IN THE WORLD.

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