Internships and entry-level jobs to get your career started

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 Internship and entry level jobs that will help you kick-start your career in high gear.

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Resumes, cover letters, social media and job boards – where should you start when you begin your job search process?

Embarking on your professional journey isn’t easy, especially if you are a fresh graduate. It’s particularly challenging when you find yourself competing against experienced people. But we wouldn’t want you to go through such an overwhelming experience.  That’s why we’ll be highlighting some awesome internship and entry level jobs that will help you kick-start your career in high gear.

Software Developer – paid internship

Zalego, a software development and training company is looking for a savvy software developer to join its team. You should be knowledgeable in Java, PHP, Android, web, python and a solid understanding of software patterns. Zalego promises great opportunities, high paying jobs and a great working environment with a very supportive team.

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Training + paid internship program (Business Development & Marketing)

Do you have a knack for selling and has always been interested in the Business Development & Marketing field? Yusudi, the social entreprise that focuses on developing skills in students and recent graduates is offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in their one-month high-level Skills training. After the training, you get to be placed in one of their partner companies for a paid internship.

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Personal Assistant

C-Through Productions, one of the leading production houses that produces dramas and lifestyle television shows for various outlets, is seeking to hire a Personal Assistant. The ideal candidate should be a high-energy individual who will be able to run business errands and coordinate accordingly with the administrative team.

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Trade Development Representative

As the Trade Development Representative, you’ll be responsible for driving the growth of KOKO products and services by growing the network of agents. Are you good at building relationships and this sounds like something you can do? Go ahead and join this venture-backed technology company and get your career going in the right direction.

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    Noah | July 09, 2019 13:42

    kindly I am requesting for internship in Electrical engineering. My contacts 0712535467

    Omkulthum | December 15, 2018 14:49

    I would so much appreciate if i could get an internship in industrial engineering and management.

    Kalen | December 14, 2018 19:00

    Kidly I need an internship in procurement at any company 0777750590

    Monica | December 12, 2018 11:55

    I kindly need an internship in business management

    Dennis | December 06, 2018 12:22

    Would appreciate an internship mechanical engineering( fabrication, drafting or building services)

    Joel | December 04, 2018 08:09

    hello,I will appreciate helping me get internship/entry level job in maritime business management 0719514919 or [email protected]

    kipkurui rotich | December 01, 2018 17:17

    hi am rotich looking for a water technician job 0707293 , i have diploma in water engineering from KEWI

    Laureen | November 19, 2018 09:37

    I am intrested in an internship in research. Will really appreciate. [email protected]

    l\/luya | November 18, 2018 14:31

    Hello.. help me get an internship in travel and tours kindly

    Kiprono | November 17, 2018 11:25

    Hello I would appreciate if you help me get accounts internship

    Christabel | November 15, 2018 12:33

    Hello I would appreciate if you help me get an internship in social work and community development

    Erick | November 15, 2018 06:19

    looking for a procurement /supply chain management attachment

    Annastacia | November 14, 2018 12:27

    hello there I need an internship or entry level job in the field of Agricultural Economics.I am a recent graduate

    NEEMA | November 08, 2018 12:09

    I am kindly looking for an entry level in aviation

    Philip | November 06, 2018 13:47

    Hi, I will appreciate a lot if you help me get internship in the field of social science

    Lawrence | November 06, 2018 04:20

    Hello I kindly need to get internship in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING... 0721780095


    Gerrald Chivatsi | November 22, 2018 18:20

    Basetitenium are currently looking for articleship so plz browse for that company details

    ANNET | November 05, 2018 05:31

    Hello, i kindly need your help on getting internship related to horticultural science and management. Thank you


    PATRICK | November 26, 2018 09:05

    apply the ongoing kenya power internship recruitment

    Miriam | November 04, 2018 09:19

    hallo there am recent criminology graduate seeking for a job please assist:0711523454

    Chantal | October 31, 2018 20:21

    Would really appreciate,If there are interships in Community Development. Great Job Fuzu Is doing,Making the Job hunting process easier.

    CLARIS | October 31, 2018 12:01

    Please help me find an internship programme in the field of Economics and Social Sciences


    Festus | November 04, 2018 15:27

    heloo Claris,i am a economics graduate too.we should help each other get internship

    Munyendo | October 31, 2018 11:18

    Hi I need your help to get internship in building and civil engineering

    Munyendo | October 31, 2018 11:13

    Hi I need internship related to building and civil engineering

    CINDY | October 30, 2018 07:15

    I kindly need an entry level job related to IT, please assist

    Gordon | October 29, 2018 17:11

    Any internship or entry-level job opportunity in the field of communication, media or public relations

    Sam | October 29, 2018 13:31

    Please I need internship in mechanical engineering production option from April next year

    Lucy | October 29, 2018 09:42

    Hello, kindly help me find an internship in the field of social science.Thank you.Regard,Lucy Onsomu.

    phylis | October 28, 2018 19:31

    I kindly need a job related to population/community health or As a research Assistant

    GIRE | October 28, 2018 17:37

    i really need internship in security mgt and investigation related company as well as govt agencies 0791570663

    maxwell | October 25, 2018 11:23

    i kindly need an internship related to Tourism management

    Simon | October 25, 2018 10:43

    I need internship related to Environmental Science please assist

    LABAN | October 25, 2018 08:45

    i need an entry level job for supply chain management .i am fresh from compus looking for job .incase of any please conduct 0718724493

    Rotich | October 25, 2018 05:05

    I kindly need internship related to the mechanical and industrial engineering. Plz assist

    DANSON | October 24, 2018 15:16

    is there any internship in automotive industry offered within nairobi ,pliz assist 0719223174

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