Interview with Irene Wachira: “Continuous learning is not optional anymore.”

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I believe it’s wise for professionals to diversify their skills. This helps one to multitask and be ready for greater career opportunities.

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Despite having close to 8 years of work experience under her belt and steadily growing throughout her career, Irene Wachira has proved to have an interesting renewed passion for continuous learning. You have probably come across some of her comments on Fuzu’s online courses. 

We caught up with her and had a chat where she shared her career journey, love for impact work and why she believes constant expansion of one's skill-sets through learning is the best way to keep up with the ever-changing job market. Read on!

My name is Irene Wachira. I recently resigned as a Marketing Supervisor where I was working with a successful urban SACCO for the last 5 years because I decided I’d love to scale greater heights and needed new challenges. During this time, I also worked in various departments i.e., credit, customer service, administration and data collection. My experience in marketing has greatly increased my passion for marketing, networking and interacting with various kinds of customers both corporate, white-collar and blue-collar professionals.

My marketing career started right after I completed my cooperative management course at Cooperative University in 2011. I later joined a SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) funded NGO called Hand in Hand Eastern Africa. I owe this achievement to the then branch manager who patiently trained, encouraged and nurtured my career.

I loved networking with women, men and youth groups training them on savings and enterprise creation and helping them start businesses and create jobs for others. My every day joy was knowing I was creating a positive impact in their lives and at the same time meeting my set targets with ease.

I got to know about Fuzu through a friend in October 2018. She kept updating her profile and applying for jobs on the platform, later she got a job in one of the leading financial institutions in the country. All along I’ve been recommending my friends who are seeking jobs to join Fuzu and three months ago I became actively connected with Fuzu after soul searching. I’ve been taking advantage of the learning content in addition to the recommended job opportunities.

In as much as its good to specialize in a specific field, say marketing, I believe it’s wise for professionals to diversify their skills. This helps one to multitask and be ready for greater career opportunities. I’m currently growing my knowledge in digital marketing and branding since I want to continue instilling growth in my career.

Over the years, the marketing industry has greatly evolved and I’m glad to have been part if it for the last 8 years. The world is rapidly advancing in technology, for example, social media platforms. So, organizations have diversified in different ways to reach their target audience and be competitive in the market. It’s no longer about door-to-door sales and other orthodox methodologies. One has to be updated on the current state of affairs in order to create a marketing strategy for their company. We are living in a world where marketing is competitive and redundancy is at the blink of an eye. A good example is the banks. Most of the products they are introducing are for the millennial generation since they hold the future, are the larger part of the population and are actively participating in the growth of our economy. The FMCG companies are not being left out as they are also introducing products that cut across all income earners.

I’m passionate about continuous learning and currently pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing option) at Kenyatta University. I also hope to do short courses on digital marketing and branding. I am hopeful that these courses will help me continue being relevant in the job market, scale greater heights and help in continuous nurturing of junior marketing officers.

Come 2021, I hope to grow my career by working with firms and helping them in meeting their strategic goals. I hope to interact a lot, uplift the community and mentor young marketing professionals.

My spirit animal is the leopard. They make calm, calculated and accurate moves. They are also beautiful but most importantly they never give up. To my fellow job seekers, enrich yourselves and be competitive. Those already working, don’t be too comfortable, challenge yourself to be better every day. Service to human is service to God.

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    Gitahi | January 08, 2021 08:34

    I just joined Fuzu two weeks ago. your story is very encouraging

    Hivent | January 07, 2021 09:45

    so encouraging i joined fuzu a year ago and it has be a great journey for me

    Thindwa | January 05, 2021 17:52

    Good news🙏🙏


    IRENE | January 06, 2021 19:15


    KAKAIRE | January 05, 2021 10:04

    Thanks, i would like to do them and hopefully i will do similar


    IRENE | January 06, 2021 19:16

    All the best

    KAHESI | January 03, 2021 05:46

    I would like to follow the same roads, thanks that encouraging information


    IRENE | January 06, 2021 19:17

    You're welcome Kahesi

    sobasi | January 02, 2021 08:13

    let the encouraging continues!!

    mariam | January 01, 2021 23:25

    nice encouragement

    Tentena | December 31, 2020 16:52

    This is really empowering thank you


    IRENE | January 06, 2021 19:17

    Thanks too

    Benson | December 31, 2020 15:36

    Woe to you Irene!. Your story is quite encouraging.I also join fuzu recently.And i wasn't able to craft my CV. Since am a Packaging machine operator and yet I had pursued HR course.So, fuzu has really helped me to craft a CV by matching skills requirement.God bless fuzu team for their well done work.


    IRENE | January 06, 2021 19:19

    Fuzu is just a great family. They inspire us to be better.

    mercy | December 31, 2020 14:50

    So inspiring


    IRENE | January 06, 2021 19:18

    Thanks Mercy

    evans | December 31, 2020 12:58

    What a powerful inspiring message!

    Stephen | December 31, 2020 12:10

    Nice encouragement,so motivational.. Thanks

    OJOK | December 31, 2020 11:59

    to start a journey, u need to prepare earlier, with FUZU help team I have been able to update my cv to the required standards, though not yet to job desk, I am hopeful I will get one soon. thanx for this avenue.

    MORIKWA | December 31, 2020 10:26

    Quite inspiring,,we hope for the best as job seekers

    Tobias | December 31, 2020 09:43

    Thanks a great deal for inspirational stories.i am encouraged. Like you my spirit animal never gives up until it catches the prey.i think mine is cheetah or 🦁. Thanks fuzu for the platform.God bless you all and happy New year

    Samuel | December 31, 2020 08:18

    This quite encouraging. I also started where you did Wachira cooperative college, joined Ku then Kemu and now doing my phd at jkuat it may not be the end of the road. Rising through the ranks from an assistant cooperative officer to a chief audit executive. Continuous leaning is the key.

    Dennis | December 31, 2020 05:46

    This is a great inspiration to the job seekers.After joining fuzu i have been applying for jobs tirelessly, and I'm very optimistic that one day things will turn around.Keep it up fuzu.

    JOYCE | December 31, 2020 05:31

    Very inspiring.

    Ronas | December 31, 2020 05:20

    Waoo so encouraging. Thanks madam Irene

    JACK | December 31, 2020 04:50

    So inspiring

    FUUNA | December 31, 2020 04:50

    Thanks for the great work and inspiration to others all the best in 2021

    OLUPOT Emmanuel | December 31, 2020 04:46

    Thanks for the update. But guide me on aptitude questions for engineering officer civil

    ISINGOMA | December 31, 2020 04:13

    Great achievement everyone would want to be

    elweu | December 31, 2020 04:03

    But why dont you connect me also

    Mercy | December 31, 2020 03:55

    Waooo this is encouraging,i also joined here through a friend and to be sincere this platform encourages so much i am hoping for the best as time goes by

    ASHABA | December 31, 2020 03:38

    So inspiring, thanks much and to the girls its a better example.....cheers to Fuzu..

    ROGGERS | December 31, 2020 03:21

    Thanks you for the wonderful encouragement.

    Patrick | December 28, 2020 22:23

    The opportunity have gained by joining funzu has greated a positive altitude to my future career vacancy as funzu has a great inspirational messages to attract and open my career opportunities to me.

    Christopher | December 28, 2020 17:26

    Great piece of work, really encouraging.


    IRENE | December 29, 2020 23:49

    Thankyou Christopher

    GABRIEL | December 25, 2020 19:45

    Wow! I feel inspired. I joined Fuzu recently and even though I haven't gotten any positive feedback from my applications I still believe this is the best avenue that connects potential employers to suitable future employees. I am loving the experience.


    Fuzu | December 28, 2020 07:48

    Welcome to Fuzu Gabriel, we are happy to have you in our community!

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