Is your team struggling with working remotely? Here is what you should do.

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According to a research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) nearly three-fourths (71 %) of employers are finding it difficult to adapt to telework as a way of doing business.

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Indeed, the year 2020 brought an end to an era as it marked the beginning of a new one. Being humans, we expected good tidings ahead. Who would have known that the new decade would parcel in its arms a pandemic? In its wake, the pandemic has resulted in mass transformation, both socially and economically. As if on cue, these transformations have already set the tone with which the 2020's shall be defined.

Though rapid, the transformations witnessed are a key testament that change is inevitable, and adaptability is key for survival. The Businesses and professionals who have mastered this, are to thrive in the long run. Global workplace analytics has estimated that over 4.3 million employees (3.2% of the workforce) now work from home at least half the time. However, according to a research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) nearly three-fourths (71 %) of employers are finding it difficult to adapt to telework as a way of doing business.

Change is not easy. Perhaps that could be the reason why some people have found it hard to adjust to the changing circumstances. Remote working can sometimes feel odd and unnatural. Some have struggled to redefine their home comforts as a place of work. On the other hand, The managers, team leaders and human resource personnel, have carried the burden, wondering what should they do to make these transformations less painful?

This article thus offers guidelines, that may assist you in making telework an exciting experience for everyone.

1. Understand the common challenges of remote work.

The first step in solving a problem, or managing a crisis is through assessing the potential damage. In this case however, it is vital to understand the challenges that your staff face when they work remotely. Failure to do so, you might witness a decline in performance and disengagement from high performing employees. It is also important to look for signs of distress.

Some of the common challenges of working remotely are; lack of face to face supervision, lack of access to information, social isolation, distractions at home, just to mention a few.

2. Offer encouragement and emotional support.

Your employees are human and that makes them emotional beings. They need assurance, and that you understand the changes and sacrifices they make. Since transitioning to remote communication removes personal context that helps them interact with each other, show them appreciation.

3. Establish the rules of the game.

It is advisable for employers to implement telework policies. The telework policies will entail for instance, at what times should you perform daily check ins, and by what means of communication.

4. Provide different communication technology options.

One of the common challenges of working remotely is lack of access to information. You need to ensure that the method of communication is effective and timely. You may want to incorporate more than one technology. For instance, you may incorporate video conferencing, phone calls or emails chat, or even WhatsApp chat, to be used on different occasions, mainly to avoid boredom.

5. Provide opportunities for remote social interaction.

During daily check-ins, after video conferencing, or web chat, or conference call, leave room for small talks. This will encourage catching up amongst the staff, thus building rapport between you and the employees.

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