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Why would you opt to use traditional job boards where the approach is standard and not tailored to individual needs?

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Any sneakerhead will tell you how Converse rekindled the sneaker spirit in the game back in 2013 with their slogan - Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers. This audacious campaign illustrated how Converse sneakers and ‘shoes’ are worlds apart. Shoes hit the dirt. Sneakers nail the landing. What this meant was that if whatever was on your feet wasn’t Converse sneakers, they were just ‘shoes’. And that wasn’t cool or as Converse would put it, boring.

Let’s move up to where it all matters. Your grey matter- your intellect and your career. Why would you opt to use job boards where the approach is standard and not tailored to individual needs? Shoes, socks and many other things come in one-size-fits all. But careers don’t. Fuzu understands this perfectly.  

It is imperative that one leads a meaningful career life with a clearly set career path. However, this is not possible for someone who is insistent on using traditional job boards at this day and age. A comprehensive career platform that provides you with a one-stop space and tools to manage your career seamlessly and effectively is what you need.

A career companion should be there with you from the onset matching you to new career opportunities in line with your skills and interests. But it doesn’t stop at getting you your dream job, a lot comes into play when building a professional life. Wouldn’t you like to be hand-held as you achieve your career goals by being provided with expert professional advise to answers that you can’t find yourself? Sign up today to find out why this is fastest growing African career community.

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