Job rejection: 3 ways you can benefit from them.

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Sometimes the reasons for rejection are beyond your control. This is how you can turn the rejections into stepping stones towards a fulfilling career and bright future.

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Let’s face it, receiving a job rejection notification is a major heart crusher and its effect on self-esteem knows no bounds. Whether it happens after making an application or at the interview stage, the effect is huge.

But in this article, we will not dive into the number of rejections you may have received over time, the possibly grim reality or think of the future as bleak. Instead, we will focus on how you can turn the job rejections into stepping stones towards a fulfilling career and bright future.

1. Don’t take the rejection to heart

Have you ever received a rejection letter? What did you whisper to yourself after seeing the notification?

Many times when someone receives a rejection, the first thing is blaming themselves for the outcome and using the message to define selves. Although errors during a job application can lead to rejection, sometimes the reasons are beyond your control. For instance, if the recruiter finds the perfect candidate based on skills, education, personality and other preferences, other applicants will be disqualified.

Know that rejections are just rejections and any meaning beyond that is what you assign to them. This is to mean that if you interpret a rejection to mean that you will never amount to anything or as end of your professional life, you will be crushing yourself even further.

2. Seek to understand the reason behind each rejection

There is a variety of reasons for job rejections such as improper phrasing of your application or failure to tailor make your applications to fit a particular role. (Read 5 CV mistakes that are preventing you from getting hired)

One common mistake job seekers make is applying for other jobs without caring to know the reason for a rejection. Although we are not discouraging you from seeking opportunities elsewhere, note that if you have been making a certain mistake, you may repeat it and unconsciously call in more rejections.

You can find the answers for rejection and ways of improving by inquiring from the recruiter if he/she is in a position to respond to your query. If that is not an option, you can turn to a career coach or other experts involved in recruitment activities. You can also reread the job requirements and judge your application from the eyes of a recruiter.

3. Implement the solutions

It is not enough to know about the causes of rejection. You should go the extra mile and implement the solutions. Fortunately, FUZU can help you in a variety of ways such as job search and interview tips and coaching for skills that recruiters are looking for, and others.


Although getting over a rejection may be hard at first, a change your perspective and rectifying some mistakes can benefit you in the long run. Learning how to use the “NO” to “KNOW” better is a skill everyone in all professional levels learns over time.


About the author.

Catherine Wanjiru is a writer, author of Layers of a Human and a personal development enthusiast.

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