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While everyone is planning for an unforgettable weekend, here are some roles you can scheme through to find the best fit.

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Looking for a job while you still have one can be one the most challenging things to do. I mean, who wants to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar, applying for jobs on company time? Or you might be busy working full-time or that hustler in you is juggling several gigs at the same time and not getting the time to hunt for jobs.

If that’s you, the weekend might be the best time to search and apply for jobs. So, while everyone is planning for an unforgettable weekend, here are some roles you can scheme through to find the best fit.

Social Media Associate - Jumia

Do you consider yourself a social media guru? If so, the largest Africa online store, Jumia is looking for you. Jumia is inviting for applications for the role of a Social Media Associate, this role promises learning and growth opportunities.

Apply now!

PSV Drivers – Jimcab Kenya

Jimcab Kenya is seeking to hire responsible and experienced drivers to join their team. Ideal candidates should be able to represent the company professionally and offer the best customer service. Ready for the ride of your life?

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Digital Marketing Intern

A large employer in the hospitality industry is looking to ‘spice’ up their team by bringing onboard a Digital Marketing Intern. Are you from campus with crazy ideas on how to create a vibrant social media presence? If yes, this opportunity could just be waiting for you.

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Retail Sales Merchandisers – Biolite

One of East Africa’s biggest social enterprise that manufactures and distributes clean energy technologies to off-grid households, Biolite, is seeking to hire Retail sales Merchandisers. This role entails making presentations and selling to clients. Can you thrive in a competitive environment?

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After Sales Manager – Car & General

Got a Diploma in Mechanical/ Automobile Engineering and experience in heavy construction and earth moving machinery? Your next stop could be at Car & General. Our largest automobile and machinery partner, Car & General are looking for an After Sales Manager.

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Technician – Track and Trace

Track and Trace, Kenya’s biggest fleet management and asset tracking solutions company is looking to hire a hands-on Technician with a roll up your sleeves attitude.  Interested applicants should have a certificate in automotive/ mechanical engineering and a valid driving licence.

Apply now!

Biomass Analyst – Sanivation

Sanivation- a social enterprise that delivers sanitation services to urbanizing communities in East Africa with the aim of improving environmental health, is on the hunt for a Biomass Analyst.  This role requires mastery in statistics or database management and market analysis. Interested to learn more about this role?

Apply now!

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    Welcome to Fuzu Bwire!

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    hi fuzu , wana get a job , am a driver


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    Hi Matovu, kindly check out our jobs section. There are plenty of opportunities.

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    I am sure this site will help me find my dream job, and it will help many others too!

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    I would like to work on department of motor vehicle department


    Fuzu | July 09, 2018 08:34

    Hi Phelix, check out our job section for more opportunities.

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