Kenyan jobs: The good, the bad and promising

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This week in our survey of the Kenyan job market, we take a different approach that includes a review of job opportunities we have highlighted previously. Our aim is to help you understand links between events and your employment chances.

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Industries that continue to show high promise:

Money Remittances: we have previously highlighted the entry of various money transfer players into the Kenyan market as well as offerings by local players targeting diaspora inflows. This week another player has entered Kenya: Trans-Fast. The entry is through a joint venture with ABC Bank which is also partnered with MoneyGram. So where should you be looking for a job in this sector? ABC Bank.

Infrastructure: especially transport. The Ministry of Transport will be awarding tenders for 10,000km of road next week. Also Deloitte, a consultancy, has just released a report on investments in Kenya: 60% in transport, 37% in Energy. Follow the money.

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