Key Tips On Improving Your Career Via Language Tutoring

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Learning a foreign language is an advantage, especially if you’ll be working in an international organization and handling responsibilities in local and foreign engagements, public relations and among others.

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Establishing a good reputation as a professional requires a lot of hard work. You have to keep up with the competition and package yourself so that you maintain to be an asset for your employer. There are a lot of ways on how you can improve your career, one of which is learning a different language.

This article will discuss how you can improve your career using language tutoring.

But first, what is language tutoring?

Language tutoring involves attending short-term classes with a limited duration to learn a new language aside from the student’s mother tongue. Language tutoring is offered either in a traditional classroom setup or through virtual learning. The latter is gaining popularity nowadays since the ratio of student to teacher is 1:1, which makes the learning strategy more focused, thus making it more effective.

Learning a new language will help you improve your career through the following:

1.    Ace your university admissions test

If you want to pursue university studies in Australia, for instance, involvement in a language tutoring program will be essential to improve your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). This is essential since it will gauge your position as well as chance in getting into a university. You can check the Cluey ATAR Calculator for you to have an idea on how well you’re doing compared to others. A high ATAR is desired since it will give you a higher chance and more opportunities to be admitted to top academic ranking universities.

If you’re determined to improve your career, you have to make an effort to improve your ranking. It’s essential to take note that ATAR comprises of different courses, which include English and Higher School Certificate (HSC) subjects such as natural sciences, history, and economics. An ATAR is the aggregate scale of these subjects.

To improve your ATAR, you need to focus on the required English courses. You can get some language tutoring classes to address this so that the English part of the ATAR can significantly increase your ranking. Especially if you’re a non-native English speaker or are having trouble grasping the use of the English language, language tutoring will be very useful.

2.    Prepare for your interview

Once you’ve graduated from university, you’re now on your way to establishing a good career. If you’re just starting, your interview will make or break the opportunity for you to land into your dream career. Acing your interview will leave a great impression on your potential employer and will give you a higher chance of getting the job.

In order to do that, you have to be well prepared for your interview. Research on the best interview questions to ask online so you know what possible questions you might encounter. Then, you can try to answer the questions by yourself. Your interview will also give you the chance to package yourself well. It’s recommended to tell your interviewer your professional and educational background, and the other skills that you have that will be relevant to the job.

Learning a foreign language, therefore, is an advantage, especially if you’ll be working in an international organization and handling responsibilities in local and foreign engagements, public relations and among others.

3.    Get credentials

If you’re in the middle level in terms of your professional skill, you might become stagnant. There’s a possibility that you’ll have some difficulty in getting promotions or achieving career growth since there will be more competition in the workplace. To address this problem, you can improve your career by getting credentials through attending training and seminars that will boost your skills and experience. It will also be an excellent addition to your résumé if decide to explore other opportunities in the future.

You can also pursue graduate studies that will help you reach a higher level of an employment position. Usually, middle-level employees tend to take graduate studies because higher job opportunities require a higher level of education in their job profiles. You can also opt to avail of language tutoring sessions to make your résumé more impressive. If you want to pursue a different opportunity or you want to be globally competitive, learning a new language will make you stand out from other candidates.

Final thoughts

Learning a language is a great way to improve your career. Whether you take it before entering a university to pursue a bachelor’s degree, or you want to improve your skills and boost your résumé to make you more competitive in the professional field, language tutoring classes will help you enhance your professionalism. It will also give you a lot of other career opportunities in the future, especially if your goal is to establish your career abroad.

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