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Fuzu toolkit for fighting coronavirus outbreak

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The Fuzu team has pulled together a group of expert partners to provide you and your people with high quality information and services to fight coronavirus.

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In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak the Fuzu team realised that in addition to supporting our users in achieving success in life, we also need to keep our community safe. The world has changed dramatically over the past few weeks and no-one quite knows how long this will take.

Our aim is to keep you safe and make everyone prepared for the recovery

This crisis impacts all of us, but also defines who we are as human beings. We at Fuzu want to make sure that our community, all of you out there, have everything you need to manage this crisis and to be prepared for the moment the world returns to normal. Every crisis is an opportunity to reimagine your own future. So don’t waste this opportunity!

So what have we done in practice?

To make sure you are prepared to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, we have prepared a toolkit together with our partners, including:

1. Verified locally relevant information about how to deal with the coronavirus and how to prepare for recovery

2. High quality health and information services that aim to keep you and your loved ones safe and

3. Ask Me Anything series where local experts answer questions related to coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you to our incredible partners: Access Afya, Wazi, Tibu and Antara Health.

Over the coming days we will be publishing more articles on this page. These messages will include additional information about our partners' services, links to valuable resources, and more. We will also be sharing advice on how to cope with the new remote way of working and on how to use this time effectively for building new skills and competences.

Before I go, let's remember that we are all in this fight together. Only by acting smart and decisively, can we combat this crisis. The first step is to remember to keep distance to our fellow citizens! Social distancing has proven to be the most powerful way in preventing the spread of the virus.

Keep safe,

Jussi Hinkkanen, 

CEO, Fuzu.

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