Most in-demand jobs post COVID-19

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There will be an increase of job opportunities as employers compete for talent that will help their businesses recover.

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It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has humbled the world’s economy. While some governments acted swiftly to cushion against adverse economic effects caused by the pandemic, still, its impacts on economic growth will be felt. In the wake of the pandemic, thousands of jobs were lost while most teams transitioned to working remotely.

The future may seem bleak, with every sunset an invitation to yet another day of uncertainty. But the good news is that even the strongest storms end, so will the pandemic. Eventually the employed and the unemployed will pick up the pieces.

The aftermath of the pandemic will restructure the job market in many different ways, there will be an increase of job opportunities as employers compete for talent that will help their businesses recover. Only candidates with proven skills and complete profiles will get noticed by hiring managers. You have a great opportunity to improve your skills, work on your CV and complete your profile. Below is a list of jobs that will be on high demand post COVID-19.

Health Care Services

Health care has been one of the most vital services during the pandemic. Healthcare services will be highly needed even in the post Covid-19 period; we have witnessed the rise of telemedicine services. As many countries crank their engines for economic growth, it will be paramount for prevention measures to be put in place, as a way to prepare for the uncertainties of crisis -healthcare practitioners are essential for this.

Most companies will hire health practitioners to respond to any health-related issues in the working environment while some will hire health practitioners to help in the screening of all workers for COVID-19 symptoms. This will lead to creation of new job opportunities for health workers.

Software and IT

Since the outbreak of the virus, most jobs shifted online. Most companies have opted to virtual meetings via video conferencing; students are learning via virtual classrooms and most shops have had to establish their online shopping and delivery services to reduce crowding and social interaction.

Retail shops will need less of its in-store workers. Software and IT will have job openings in not only creating sites, but also in managing the businesses’ websites and applications.

Supply Chain

With the restructured business model, there will be need for more supplies after the post the pandemic. The beginning of the pandemic saw most people panic buying, therefore, creating a gap in the supplies.

There will be more demand of truck drivers and delivery personnel. Most people may be wary of over-crowding in retail shops, therefore shopping online in bulk as during the pandemic would carry the day. This will require that store shelves and warehouses be restocked with commodities, raising the demand for jobs in supply chain.


In a highly competitive world, how you position yourself is everything that matters. Marketing jobs are likely to be high on demand as most companies will be looking for personnel to help in positioning them for greater opportunities.

The skill will be high on demand, as most companies and workplaces will be thriving to stand on their feet. They will be looking for personnel to market their companies as efficient and competent even with the restructured business models.


Too much stay without work makes Jack an unfit boy. Experts say that with lockdown measures in place, most people are growing unfit by the day. Even though there are online fitness sessions, some services extend to one-on-one services. Fitness trainers and instructors will be on demand post COVID-19. While most people may still opt for virtual training services, the services of a trainer will be highly in demand.

However, this doesn’t mean the sectors not mentioned above will not be boom post Covid. Every sector is vital for the economic growth of a nation as well as of the company.

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    I think counselors we will be able to fit in the situation since the most stressed and depressed people are just to an increase.

    OCOL | June 21, 2020 13:09

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    Sosten | June 18, 2020 16:13

    Thanks for informing us earlier personally I lost my job as a medical sales representative after covid 19 I will be back to the roots of hustling

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    sammy | June 18, 2020 08:13

    The sudden Covid-19 shock has caused an unprecedented catharsis in the organization domain. What companies need now are HR experts who have the ability to understand the power of organization culture as an asset that will be aligned to people, processes, systems and reward to rejuvenate enterprise.. Organizations have to re-look at their culture and see how they can be re-aligned to drive business. While Culture is an abstract referring to the level of sophistication in an organization's ability to respond effectively to the changes in its domain of operation in a manner that is strategically benefitting. Culture comprised the relationships and visible aspects of organization climate. But beyond that are underlying deep assumptions vision, mission, values, mores, stories, rituals, implicit and explicit assumptions of an organization started by the founders and perpetuated by subsequent leadership. Culture covers the length and width, breath and depth of the organization. Leadership be looking at the archetypes, the depth and the congruence of culture and its alignment with corporate vision. There are 4 major archetypes of culture Clan, Bureacratic or hierarchy, Adhocratic and Market culture. Everyone organization is looking at their qualitative and quantitative aspects of culture and inevitable re-alignment. Be prepared for major shifts from Clan, bureacratic culture to adhocratic culture which drive the market. The need for change has been created. Companies will carry out field forces analysis and gradually transform. Theres sense of unprecedented urgency. Be prepared for major paradigm shift in corporate strategies. Sammy Ade Onono Human Resources practitioner, organization designer and culture expert [email protected]

    kiiza | June 18, 2020 08:11

    Am already for IT and suply

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    I have been a member of FUZU, but up to now I Am not successful in getting job opportunities. Help me please

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    Anthony | June 18, 2020 05:50

    You forgot Security, safety officers and risk analysts

    Kawuki hassan | June 18, 2020 04:57

    But some people are already ready for the new challenge

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