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At Ngao Credit, it’s not so much about weathering the storm but about making the most of the weather.

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Like many organizations, we have had to learn some very difficult, but  poignant lessons during this Pandemic. Perhaps the most important being how our organizational culture kept us still swinging when many were forced to forfeit the match.

From working remotely to implementing a shift system during the lockdown, our transition was buttery smooth because putting people first is deeply ingrained in our psyche.

Our culture transcends simply, the way things get done and how people interact with each other. it reflects the value systems that constitute our story. This is what we proudly call intentional culture.

This applies to our business interests as well- the lockdown prematurely forced us to go back to our strategic plan to look at both our long- and short-term goals. But our priorities remain the same. At Ngao Credit, it is not so much about weathering the storm, but about making the most of the weather.

In times of great instability, organizations can choose to make a number of choices, ranging from self-preservation to increased marketing to beat their competition. All choices are difficult, and all are not without consequence.

The devastating impact of COVID 19 on families, businesses and the economy compelled us to do what’s right for the customer and for our staff. We established various measures as directed by the government to remain open by reinventing our products, services, strategy and mode of business to accommodate our customers facing challenges. We extended our company culture outwards. It is not about staying afloat; it is about being a shield.

For those who look to join our ever-growing, passionate family, be prepared to embrace a culture that is accepting and tolerant of all beliefs, that seeks to build on each other’s strengths, and holds humility over ambition.


My experience in working at Ngao Credit can be summed up by one word- Clarity. There is clarity in purpose in everything we do and the culture is deeply ingrained in everyone who works here. It’s refreshing to work in a company that actually values its staff and treats everyone equally.” Beverly Mwenja, Marketing Management Trainee.

'We do not do what we do to be better than our competition. We do what we do to be different and to serve. Always.'


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