Observing this 3 phases will enable you to get more job leads and referrals from your networks.

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The old adage is still and will always be true and relevant, your network is your net worth.

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The old adage is still and will always be true and relevant, your network is your net worth. This is how true this statement is. There are three job cycles that are always in play, at any given point in life.

Have your details updated on all platforms.

Do you recall the last time you saw a job opening and they required your LinkedIn, Angel or Xing profile? What transpired within the next few minutes? You most likely tried to recall all the progress you have made and quickly update the details minutes before you submitted your link. The details will definitely reflect but they lack depth. Depth is the reason you get that call to face a hiring panel. Have a day once a month where you reflect on your career journey, add a line of experience or skill. You only have to do that 12 time in one year.

Can you be the brand ambassador of your company?

How do you carry yourself when you get the job in regard to your publicity? I have witnessed scenarios where a company wants to hire an individual because of how they represent their current employer. Become the biggest ambassador to the job opportunity you get. How the new company look to you on day one will change by month 3. There will definitely be friction and taught times. Let me ask you if you were asked to accept ambassadorships as part of your new job, would you have hesitated? When you do it voluntarily the rewards to your profile and career are huge.

Your parting shot

Often, we don’t leave jobs because we are happy about. Most of the times we just want to forget about the job and move on to life and other opportunities. Here is the catch, what will you do if you just need a letter or a LinkedIn confirmation that you worked for your former boss? The way you left determines your next move, might not be immediately but in the long run, when you finally have a shot at the premium job.

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    nahwera | May 15, 2019 11:37

    I agree with caxton

    John | May 11, 2019 03:32


    Kelvin | April 04, 2019 08:20

    Absolutely and it also depends on the skills and experience of the job that you are anticipating

    Ethel | April 02, 2019 11:58

    I like. Just wondering, are recommendation letters and confirmation letters the same? And yes, I have seen instances where supervisors ask the human resource to write you a letter when interested in acquiring funds. Can that letter work as a confirmation letter?

    ARODI | March 30, 2019 19:52

    I am very much touched with your care Fuxu, you give back hope. Thanks

    Orwa | March 27, 2019 10:04

    i find it very interesting in using FUZU for they show care and alway ready to assist by so making several follow ups and online training to the junior professionals

    CAXTON | March 26, 2019 18:43

    Congrats. All points taken. I wish you could provide us with an article incase where your previous employer denies you a reccomendation letter becouse he doesnt want you to go.


    Fuzu | March 27, 2019 05:53

    Hi Caxton, thank you for sharing your idea. We'll have that article up soon.

    Patrick | March 26, 2019 10:52

    The third stage is so perfect that parting ajob as an employee with apositive or negative recommendation determines whether you getting abigger job or not.

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