Online vs Traditional Business Courses… Who Wins the Battle?

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The type of the course isn’t the only thing you’ll need to think about. You’ll also have to decide if you want to learn in person, or online

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Business finance, business administration, business management, international business… There are so many different types of business programs that you can take. But the type of the course isn’t the only thing you’ll need to think about. You’ll also have to decide if you want to learn in person, or online.

Which form of learning is better? Let’s compare these options through some key factors.

1. Peace of Mind

Traditional courses take place in classrooms, seminar rooms, and lecture halls all around the world. They’re reliant on having a venue that can safely and comfortably accommodate all students. Sadly, 2020 has demonstrated that this isn’t always possible! The good news is that the venue problems like this are rare. Many universities and learning venues all across the globe have been operating for hundreds of years without bigger issues.

Online courses are just that: online. This means that as long as there’s an internet connection, it’s possible to learn from anywhere. This has been absolutely essential for boosting careers during the pandemic when many education venues were forced to close. Although those problems are unlikely, online courses provide a little extra in the way of peace of mind. You know your education can continue, even if things go really wrong in the world.

Winner: Online courses. The options they offer and their availability definitely helps with keeping you calm and sure your studies won’t be interrupted.

2. Location

Traditional courses are held in all sorts of places, in all sorts of cities, all around the world. Have you ever wanted to study while gazing out across the Mediterranean? Or study business finance in the finance capital of the world? Or how about reading your textbook in the calm quiet of the Alps? This is your chance. Traditional courses are a fantastic way to combine classroom learning with travel and adventure if you’re up for studying abroad. They are also a way to get out of your house during the week to attend a class in the city center or at a campus surrounded by other business students.

Online courses can technically be taken from anywhere in the world. One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that you can do it from home or anywhere else. This is definitely the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable option. It can be great if you have other commitments, such as a family or a job. However, learning at the kitchen table isn’t quite as exciting as learning in Barcelona or inside a historic university building!

Winner: A tie! It depends on your lifestyle and the budget you have available.

3. Experience

Traditional courses offer that classic learning experience. You sit in the classroom and watch as your lecturer delivers a lesson to their students. You form study groups with friends and colleagues where you network and help each other out. You go out for a few drinks after class ends. Traditional business courses aren’t just about learning the practicalities of business. They’re also about building up a strong, effective business network.

Online courses perform much better than you may think when it comes to the social side of learning. Depending on the provider you choose, you may have access to various online platforms. They allow students in the same classes to collaborate, brainstorm and get to know each other, just as they would on campus. Some online courses also offer ‘on-campus’ weeks for online students to meet each other in person.  Plus, thanks to social media and video calls, you can hang out with anyone online from anywhere in the world.

Winner: It’s a tie! Traditional courses have some leverage thanks to networking in person, but that can easily be replicated online using various tools. Plus, 2020 has brought us hybrid learning as well which combines both traditional and online courses.

The Overall Winner? You!

Which is best? It’s difficult to say. The way to determine the overall winner is to look at the outcome - that’s why you’re going on a business course after all! Where will you learn best? In which environment will you absorb information? Where will you find the level of support you need? Do you prefer interactions with others in person or online? They’re very personal questions, and there’s no right or wrong answer. You have to choose the experience that’s right for you.

Thankfully, in this day and age, there are so many options available for both ways of studying, so the real winners are the students!


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