Part One: What To Do Before You Quit Your Job

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This is the first article in our series, How To Quit Your Job. In this series, we talk about what you should do before taking the plunge and how to go about it if you decide to go through with it.

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Making the decision to leave a job can be a really difficult one to come by. You’d be surprised however, how in some cases, a few small fixes can be the difference between staying in a job or deciding to call it quits.

Talk to your manager

No one knows you better than your direct supervisor and they can be a great resource when it comes to making big career decisions. Hopefully, you have a good enough manager that creates and environment for honest conversations about growth. When you’re thinking of quitting, talk to them and see if your current position can be improved. Maybe more responsibility is what you need to feel challenged? Perhaps you’d like to move departments and try something new. These small changes can be what you need rather than leaving a job without a second thought. You might not have a great relationship with your manager in which case you can reach out to another one that you feel you can trust with these types of conversations.

Revisit your ‘Why’

When you’re job searching, you inevitably get to the point where you just want a job so you can have some security. Chances are you didn’t even think about a long term career plan when you started out. This frustration can creep up and make you quit a job. But before you do, consider asking yourself why you do what you do. You might find that your values align with the organisation and you just needed to remember why your work is so important. You could also find that you like being a piece of a larger puzzle that is the organisation’s mission. Before you decide to quit, ask yourself why and even when you do decide to move on, you’ll know what you’re moving on to.

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