Part Three: How To Quit Your Job

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This is the final article in our 3 part series. If after much thought and reading part one and part two you still find yourself wanting to quit, here's how to do it.

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Even the worst jobs can be difficult to quit so by the time you’ve come round to that particular decision, it’s never made lightly. We’ve talked about what you definitely shouldn’t say when you finally take the plunge and how to arrive at the decision to quit. If you’re still with us in this series, then it’s time to talk about the next step - what do you do for a smooth exit?

Don’t forget your coworkers

Sure, your manager was a mini dictator who could rival most African leaders but it was your coworkers that kept you sane. You might be leaving but they are still working there and will probably have to pick up some of your workload. You can make this easier for them by organising all your files into one, easily accessible place. That way, no one will be calling you at your new (amazing) job to ask you where a certain document is. You can also walk them through unfinished projects making it easier for them to understand what needs to be done when you’re gone.

Offer a helping hand

Most times, your position will be advertised before your notice period is over. It shows great commitment and professionalism if you offer to train your replacement whether they’re coming to your job internally or externally. If you had a great manager, they will appreciate the gesture. If you had a terrible manager, then you’re preparing the new person by giving them insider tricks on how to manage your old job. Either way, it’s one of those things that helps make the transition process even easier.

Be honest in your exit interview

If your organisation has exit interviews, then you owe it to those you’re leaving behind to be honest about your experience. Companies use this information to help them improve the work environment and create a better working experience. It’s also a chance to highlight some of the good things they’re doing and might not even know it. Yes, you’re moving on to greater things but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little good before you do.

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    JABIR | April 08, 2018 17:38

    Failure to give a notice to the company ,is it an offense??

    ANGEL | March 07, 2018 15:20

    most people when they come to know that they are leaving soon,they always want to collide with everyone in that organization,but there is no need to be caotic,thanks for that advise pease.

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