Post Covid-19 checklist for reopening your business

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As much as we want to revive the economy, measures need to be put in place beforehand to ensure that it is safe to resume work. 

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Restrictions are slowly being eased in many countries. This has caused mixed reactions from the public as infection cases are still (in most parts of the world) on the rise. This is understandable since people are trying to deal with the new normal way of living and interacting. Large companies and small medium enterprises are focusing on how to restart operations while making sure the workplace is safe for their workers and customers. As much as we want to revive the economy, measures need to be put in place beforehand to ensure that it is safe to resume work. Is your business ready to reopen?


Looking at your business setting is key in deciding whether you should reopen or not. If there’s an increase in the cases of infection around the area, then you will have to take more strict measures to keep the workspace safe. In the case where infection cases are significantly low, protective measures still need to be put in place.   

Floor plan & work policies

This means you need to reconfigure your workspaces to factor in social distancing among workers. For those with small workspaces then consider making your employees work in shifts. Create new working policies that are appropriate for your business then document it. Have a digital employee handbook that is easily accessible to your customers and the staff.   

Sanitizers & cleaning supplies

Invest in cleaning equipment like hand sanitizers at all entry and exit points in the workspace. If you have office machinery like copy machines, printers and industry tools then put up a poster on how to clean them after use. It reduces the risk of any virus living on the surfaces and keeps other users safe.

Protective procedures

The last thing you want is reopening your business only to find out you weren’t fully equipped to tackle the situation. There needs to be temperature testing for employees before proceeding into the work premises. Conference meetings also need to be held in an outdoor setting or virtually.

For more information on this, the CDC has released a toolkit to help business leaders in knowing when and how to resume their work operations. 

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