Quick 5 with Nicholas - Operations Manager, SafeBoda, Uganda.

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Never give up…. Keep trying till you feel like you can’t and then try some more.

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You only need one person to take a chance on you to show how great you are. Nicholas Muhumuza knows this very well. Nicholas did everything he could to find a job. His persistence landed him an interview for the exact role he was looking for in a company most job seekers would want to be part of – SafeBoda.

Here’s Muhumuza’s story.  

How did you get to know about Fuzu?

I learnt about Fuzu through my Instagram App

You happen to be one of the many Fuzu users who’ve successfully gotten a job. How was the application process for you?

The application process was quite easy for me. I liked that I could upload my picture and resume very easily and receive feedback as soon as possible

What’s your favorite thing about company SafeBoda?  

I love that the company is transparent and forward-looking. Always thinking of the next big thing but still keeping the staff involved.

Any exciting memories so far?

My interview process was a grueling one that took a whole month, talking to various people but once I got the acceptance letter I was not only relieved but overjoyed. I felt like I had really overcome something important and I could still achieve a lot more if I put time and effort into it.

Are there any secrets you used that could also help other job seekers get a job? Or what advice would you give job seekers?

  1. First of all, before one applies for any job, make sure you read the job description carefully and see if your qualifications and qualities match the job available.

  2. Always check the Fuzu website and keep in the know of all the new job opportunities posted.

  3. Ensure to filter out the jobs depending on your skills, knowledge and experience as this makes the process easier and more efficient for the applicant.

  4. Never give up…. Keep trying till you feel like you can’t and then try some more.

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    Ritah | March 07, 2019 10:35

    wow, so encouraged

    FELIX | March 05, 2019 21:57

    wise words

    RACHEL PERCY | March 05, 2019 11:06

    Am waiting to receive my dream job

    JG | February 09, 2019 11:06

    Brilliant words perfect Nicholas

    DAVID | February 05, 2019 22:09

    Your story has encouraged me, thanks much Nicholas and I wish you all the best.

    Charles | February 01, 2019 15:06


    GIDRAFF | February 01, 2019 13:52

    all the best Nicholas in your new job

    ANN | February 01, 2019 13:39

    I wish you all the best in your new job Nicholas.Im so encouraged

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