Resigning Gracefully

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You have accepted a great new job elsewhere and the next step is to resign from your current job.

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When you resign from your job, it is important to resign as gracefully and professionally as possible. Most people dread that time when they must talk to their boss about leaving a job, even though this is something that will come if one requires career growth.

You have accepted a great new job elsewhere and the next step is to resign from your current job.

What is required of you:

1.Be clear with yourself why you made the decision to resign -this will ensure your boss or colleagues or friends do not convince you otherwise.

2.Check your contract letter for clarification on requirements of resignation-this will give you an idea of what is expected of you to avoid any legal issues that may come up, ensure you are covered.

3.Schedule a meeting with your line manager to give your formal resignation-this will ensure you leave your job in good terms with your boss.

4.Have a hard copy of your resignation letter for filing and record keeping by Human Resources.

5.Plan a hand over process to ensure the organization still manages smoothly without you before they get a replacement. This will also enhance your reputation too

6.Agree on your last working days with your line manager-this is to ensure you either finish on pending projects or give time for a hand over process.

7.Calculate your pending leave days as well as arrears owned to you to ensure you get your final dues fully paid to you.

8.Remember to collect your recommendation letter from your employer before you exit.

Most times when one is resigning the employer might give a Counter Offer; A counter offer is new terms of employment given to you by your current employer to tempt you to stay with thecompany. As tempting as this might be DO NOT accept a counter offer once you have resigned. Remember you are not obligated to give the name of your next employer to your current boss.

Also, Do not post your resignation online before talking to your boss as this might burn bridges with them. You never know what might happen down the line in your career journey and you also want to have built networks in your current employment that will sustain and help you in future.

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    Thank you, well informed now

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