Reviewing your Professional Progress into 2020.

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What were your professional goals last year? How many did you achieve? Did they help your profession to grow?

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The hot scorching sun of January is an experience that some of us have carried throughout the year 2019. Just like the fast marathon runners from Kenya, 2019 has been equally fast at least in my opinion. Being alive is experiencing both the good and bad moments and this year has been no exception. Being the festive season; it’s all about fun activities as you connect with your loved ones. As much as you want to enjoy your nyama choma peacefully, you owe it to yourself to take a few days and review how your year has been.
Your Accomplishments
What are your professional accomplishments for this year? It is important you recognize what you have achieved and contributed towards your profession. Also, acknowledge your achievements as this will give you a sense of satisfaction.
Your Mistakes and How to Improve them
Making mistakes is part of being human. Not every decision had the same outcome that you had envisioned and that is okay. Reviewing your mistakes will help you to come up with ways to avoid mistakes and do things differently.
Areas You Need to Develop
Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a key to grow yourself. Through this, you are able to identify areas that you need to develop to aid in your profession.
Your Goals
What were your professional goals for this year? How many did you achieve? Did they help your profession to grow? Questioning yourself about your goals will provide an oversight role on the importance of your goals. In conclusion, by reviewing your 2019 progress, you are able to know what is inline in your profession. In addition, it helps you strategize and draft your new career goals for 2020.


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