Risks a job seeker should take

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Job seeking has qualities that are a reflection of what a hunter posses. It’s a ‘game’ in which one needs to be not only smart but also a risk taker.

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A hunter must specialize in technique. He/she must specialize in wit thoroughly sharpened with patience. A hunter knows where to be and where not to be; when to strike and when not to strike. A hunter’s life circles around tracking trails that lead to the hunted.

The reason we call it job hunting is that job seeking has qualities that are a reflection of what a hunter posses. It’s a ‘game’ in which one needs to be not only smart but also a risk taker. The author Steve Muthusi advises in his book ‘Stir Up Your Potential’, life is not a dancing game; it is a daring game.Dare.

Here are risks a smart job seeker should take unflinchingly.

Taking up a temporary job: It calls for no debate or second opinion that job security, or job continuity is very important. It’s so scary to feel like a loose tooth in your place of work, dreading every strike the clock makes as it pushes you closer to the end of your temporary work. However, we call it a risk because of that horrifying reality lurking somewhere in the future. But the returns are always huge. A smart job hunter will take up a temporary job if it is a career they love, and do all it takes to get experience and climb up the ladder, a day at a time.

Compromise pay: When the issue of remuneration is thrown in, nerves twitch, because we all need a means of survival. However, putting a fulfilling career on the pedestal calls for sacrifice. Sometimes- it is said- to quickly get to where you want you have to slow down. You may have to compromise on pay just to get in, and then work your way up from there.

Relocating:  Supposing that dream job shows up but at a place far away from where you live, you may have to make a tough decision. You may have to do what a smart job seeker would: Relocate for your dream job.

Switching industries: Flexibility of skills is a golden card. If your skills are transferrable to your dream industry and there is an opportunity to make that shift, take it.

Advancing studies: There are careers that may call for you to go back to class and advance your studies. It’s not a swift ride taking part time classes while working, but a smart job hunter has eyes on the price.

Rigorous networking: It’s been said that your network is your net worth. Your dream job is just five people away. A smart job seeker networks on social media, networks in events, and networks everywhere there is a chance to do so.

Are you a job hunter? What hunting rifle have you chosen, and is it effective?

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    CLARA | July 09, 2019 07:33

    Very educative. I was divided on what to do about my career but now i am convinced and i know what to do about it. Thank you for this wonderful piece of advice. Would like to get more of those.

    Dorothy | July 08, 2019 12:06

    I am and am still pushing on.

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