Safaricom bridge to digital careers and Facebook to launch Training Programme for Kenyan SMEs

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Fuzu News Centre: week of 20th September

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You know how we catch up every Friday! We give you updates on all the business stories that happened during the week to keep you informed. Be sure to find all the trending stories on the ‘Fuzu News Centre’. Here is your week in rewind.


Safaricom - Digital Academy

Companies are becoming tech savvy all over the world in order to remain competitive. Safaricom, a leading techno company in Kenya has launched a Digital Academy for training and helping its staff bridge to digital careers. 60 employess have already benefited from the programme and are now occuping new roles in the organization. “Safaricom operates in a fast paced environment where technology is ever changing. Recent advances have automated sections of our network meaning that certain careers will soon no longer be necessary. At the same time, these changes are driving demand for new skills where there is a shortage of talent in the market. The Digital Academy is a human resource innovation that has enabled us to both empower our staff with new skills and to have the right mix of talent based on our customer needs,” said Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom.

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Facebook to launch training on Kenyan SMEs

Facebook in partneship with Wylde International through a program 'Boost with Facebook' has announced the launch of training 3,000 SMEs in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru. The program which will kick start in Nairobi on the 23rd Sep 2019 will focus on equipping Small and Medium-Sized businesses with digital tools and technologies to help grow their business.The training will be free and will be offered 4-5 hours in a day. “Globally, we have more than 1.6 billion people connected to small or medium-sized businesses on Facebook. We are excited to be launching Boost with Facebook in Kenya, enabling local businesses to use social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to unlock new business opportunities, and compete at a Pan-African and global level,”Mercy Ndegwa Facebook’s Head of Public Policy, East Africa

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Equity Joins SME Finance Forum

Equity Bank Kenya is now the newest member to join the SME Finance Forum that consists of more than 150 Financial Institutions banking on SMES world wide.SME Finance forum is a global financial network memembership that works to provide finance access for small and medium businesses. According to SME forum, 41% of SMEs in developing countries lack financial support. As part of social economic development, Equity Bank Kenya with other financial institution aims to close the financial gap between financial institution and SMEs. 

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Isuzu partners with NIC Bank NIC Bank to boost SMEs

Are you a Isuzu customer facing a big challenge with insurance or struggling to come back after a transit accident? Well Isuzu East Africa in collaboartion with NIC bank through a programme called Zero Disruption have come to your rescue through insurance coverage for Isuzu trucks and pick-up for SME up to Sh300,000 per month for two months allowing your normal business to resume. The programme will apply to Isuzu customers who have purchased trucks through the NIC bank.Customers will receive 95 percent financing for the purchase of new vehicles, a 60 day grace period with a five years on set payment period. Sounds like a good deal for any entreprenuer whose business relies on trucks.

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Strikes looms at KQ

Kenya Airways might find itself in a fog with a looming strike from its pilots over the hiring terms. Last week the KQ announced hiring of 20 pilots for its Boeing 737 fleet on contract bases which has caused a brawl between KQ and Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA). Through a letter by Muriithi Nyaga, General Secretary KALPA, the association seeks legal action against the organization for failing to adhere to the agreement. Hopefully the Boeing 737's will take off without a hitch.

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NSSF Uganda Lowers Interest rates

Low interest rates, high incomes for NSSF members. The National Social Security Fund growth rate in the financial year 2018/2019 was 13.6%. Despite poor economic environment they have had a good performance which will now be of great value to its members attributed by increase in average payout and members paid. In normal occassions memebers share both the profits and losses.

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