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This goes a long way in digitizing the largely undigitized community allowing them to scale up just as quick as their bigger, more established counterparts.

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SafeBoda, a leading motorcycle ride hailing app in Africa, recently launched an online Shopping platform dubbed SafeBoda Shop partnering with vendors in multiple categories. The platform boasts of giving customers the ability to shop effortlessly at the tap of a button with an offer of free delivery running up to Eid-Al-Fitr.

This comes in the wake of SafeBoda having earlier launched an affordable local-food delivery service in a bid to introduce a healthier, more affordable and localized option for Kenyans living in Nairobi. Both services not only benefit customers with the convenience of having their shopping and dining needs sorted digitally but are largely giving a much-needed boost to vendors who would otherwise not be able to reach these customers who are currently under the recently extended Government directed partial lock-down.

This has seen the birth of a new era of minimal human interaction where businesses have been forced to digitize earlier than had been planned for their businesses to continue to stay afloat. Small traders such as the vegetable markets at City Park Market and Kenyatta Market have since seen their listings on the platform which is moving previously non-digitized communities into the digital space rapidly.

Not only has SafeBoda evolved on the Food and Shop scene but more and more companies who require their staff to physically come to the workplace have signed up their staff to the ride hailing platform which ensures all staff are paired with drivers to bring them to work and again in the evening to beat the curfew times in a safe manner. This, no doubt, aids the firm's endeavour of becoming Africa’s super App, for Customers, Businesses and Driver-partners. 

Commenting on the partnership so far in relation to their business, Yo Kuku’s Executive Director, Rahim Manji said, “Partnering with SafeBoda has seen us move numbers and create awareness about Yo Kuku! with SafeBoda’s vast database in addition to the existing Kuku network. We think this is a fantastic innovation in getting our well-loved chicken to our consumers in the most efficient, safe and effective way!

On the Restaurant Partner side, Brenda of Cha’Kula Cloud Kitchen was happy with the business opportunities borne out of selling her food through SafeBoda Food during these interesting times we have. “SafeBoda treats me as an equal partner and not just a supplier, they also care about me as a member of the SafeBoda community giving me tips on best practice in running my kitchen"

The App allows users to experience their preferred taste of Africa by selecting the restaurant or shop of their choice within their location, selecting their meals and goods and pay Cash on Delivery or via a cashless option also known as ‘SafeBoda Wallet’ for extra convenience.

“We see SafeBoda Shop as an alternative to access affordable home essentials in the quickest time possible. Our network of over 4,000 drivers delivers an on-demand experience so that customers get what they need, when they need it”, said Safeboda’s Head of Shop, Andrew Kithika.

The digitization of Shopping and Dining has led to a positive impact in Kenya’s job market and business trajectory as a platform for Drivers, Shop and Restaurant partners to further create flexibility and maximize their earnings.

About SafeBoda: 

SafeBoda is Africa's Safest Motorcycle-ride hailing market leader and has a rapidly growing customer platform that is revolutionizing transportation, shopping, dining payments and on-demand services in Africa's cities. Based in Kampala, Nairobi, Nigeria, and Barcelona, we are a venture funded company that is already having a huge impact for millions in Africa.

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