Sample cover letter for an internship or entry level role.  

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A cover letter should give a brief summary about your skills and experiences why the highlighted skills and experiences make you the best candidate.

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A great cover letter will give you and advantage over other applicants. But in order to have a good one, you need to clearly communicate who you are and what your ambitions are. Have a look at the essential elements of a good cover letter in the first sample  published as part of this series of sample cover letters. Be sure to check out the next sample cover letter for a senior role.

Here is a sample cover letter for an internship or entry level role.  

Amani Tembu,

P.O BOX 234-00100,



29th October 2018


Human Resource Manager,

XYZ Ltd,

PO BOX 454-00100,



Dear Mr Ojiambo,


Following your annual internship programme, I'm writing to express my interest as an intern in Information and Communication Technology.

I’m a graduate from Hilton University with an undergraduate degree in Information Technology majoring in Software Development. I have acquired knowledge in my four-year course. From my recent attachment with Kilimo Moja Ltd, I was able to participate in the development of an application which would enable farmers get insights on current farming skills.

Following your need to have an integrated system for user experience (UX and UI) I will effortlessly work with your team through guidance and with eminent teamwork to achieve this.

During the six-month internship programme, I will offer my undivided dedication to meet your expectations, explore my knowledge and acquire new skills. I feel confident that I would significantly benefit your organization.

Attached to this cover letter is my resume with my full contact details. I look forward to having a chance to discuss this role in person.



Amani Tembu.



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