Secrets to surviving your internship

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There is a lot that goes on in an office. It is a completely new world in itself.

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The vulnerability that is wrapped in this experience is out of this world more so for an inexperienced graduate. There’s is excitement, expectations and then, there is the reality which looks a little like this.

1. Can I go home? Should I go home??
The dilemma here is whether to go home when the hours are clocked in or staying in the office afterhours when you notice everyone still typing away on their desktops.
Plan. That’s it. Get your work and priorities all ranked up first thing in the morning. Of course, consult and decipher what is a priority. This way you are under no compulsion to wait on three people for you to make a weird walk out of the office.

That list made in the morning sets you free. After ticking all the checkboxes in it, feel free to up and go. Catch that matatu before rush hour and finally get some rest after a hard day’s work.

2.Dress code
Read the culture and mood in the office. Then adapt or twitch your style accordingly. The goal here is to be comfortable.

Office space equals people. People equal relationships. Again, the pressure to relate and fit in can be quite daunting. Being personable and friendly is a definite must. However, be intentional in drawing that line. Never sit in a situation that is uncomfortable if anyone feels intrusive or otherwise. There’s always that one person who is invariably asking about where you live and how many kids you have. You don’t have to answer any of that if you don’t want to. Swing that conversation to another direction. There is dire need to belong, but no harm will be done by keeping your personal life private.

Oh, there is always office gossip, cliques, frenemies, and best friends. Office drama is inevitable but be wary of it. It is tempting to engage because you know, who doesn’t enjoy some gossip? But don’t. Be very intentional and sober, making smart choices what and with whom you interact with.

Clearly, there is a lot that goes on in an office. It is a completely new world in itself. One huge hack is just to be yourself (cheesy I know but hear me out) be in line with the personal brand that is you. When true self is in isolation of the pressure, you will be amazed at how easy it will be to manoeuvre the new workspace, everything notwithstanding.
Do not get it wrong, being yourself does not rationalize being condescending, snobbish or rude. It means allowing yourself to be so, while still being mindful and emotionally mature to accept and work with everyone else regardless.

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    Joseph | May 01, 2019 12:34

    How can I get in

    Lynda | April 28, 2019 05:41

    Hello Margaret. Here are a few tips you could use to get out of this rut. Look for someone in the organisation with the same or almost the same background as you. Establish a rapport with them Ask if you could assist them with anything no matter how trivial Network while you are at it By the end of your three months you will have done more than just sit behind that computer. In the meantime also do the above. Do not assume someone isnt watching. Try as much as possible to seamlessly fit into the company's culture. You will enjoy your time

    Margaret | April 24, 2019 05:24

    I just sit. They gave me work and took me around on my first I just sit. Everybody is glued to there computers. I doubt they even know I showed up in the morning


    Fuzu | April 24, 2019 06:10

    Hi Margaret, unfortunately that's how it is some organizations. Don't be afraid to ask for tasks or do something to keep yourself busy.

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