Setting Career Goals 101

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Career goals can be defined as objectives, benchmarks or milestones that determine your career journey.

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You are invited for an interview and one of the questions the interviewer asks is what are your career goals? Well, there is no need for you to sweat and wonder how to answer; we will discuss what career goals are and how to set them.

Career goals can be defined as objectives, benchmarks or milestones that determine your career journey. They can be classified into two:

1. Short term goals; this generate shorter results that will build to your long term growth, they are also referred to as building block goals.

2. Long term goals; this generate results and accomplishments that have a very big significance in your career journey. Normally set for five to ten years.

The following steps will help you learn how to set your career goals:


1. Decide what you want to do, accomplish, or be in life.

This requires you to be clear on where you want to go by envisioning what you want to do, what you want to look like, what you want to be as the end goal.


2. Plan

This can be done by splitting your long term goal into smaller and more achievable goals or targets that you have to achieve. This will make accomplishing your goal easier to manage and will help streamline the process into reaching your ultimate goal.

However make a SMART plan. By this I mean your plan should be Specific to what you want to achieve, Measurable- your goals should be set on measurable parameters to be able to track progress, Achievable-do not make a plan that is out of this world however have a goal that is attainable, Relevant-make your career plan to be relevant to what you do and are passionate about, Time bound-have a timeline for each milestone you set for example either two years or more.

Finally, you will want to formulate and develop a proper plan for your goal. It can be best to establish a step by step plan that will enable you to start working towards achieving it.

Career coaching is one of the sure ways of ensuring you get to plan your career well and we as Fuzu have made this readily available for you.


3. Commit

The success of any plan or project is determined by the commitment of the parties involved. Therefore, after you have come up with your career goal make sure you commit to them.

Did you know that Fuzu also allows you to plan your career path in a simple way?

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