Social Media Mistakes to Avoid When Job Seeking

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Your digital footprints are usually left behind after you click the post button and walk away from your key board. It can either have a positive or negative effect to your reputation. 

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the social media platforms used by people to engage, share thoughts and comments. Overtime, companies have used the platforms as a way to screen potential employers. Your digital footprints are usually left behind after you click the post button and walk away from your key board. It can either have a positive or negative effect to your reputation. If you avoid these overlooked mistakes on your social media, you could be one click away from getting your dream job.  

Complaining about former employers

So, your last job environment wasn’t as exciting or things didn’t turn out as expected and you want to talk about it, that’s fine. Don’t go letting it out on social media. Negative or false work-related posts can cost you your job with potential recruiters. If you want to let it out call a friend to meet up for coffee.

 Socially dormant

Once you have created a professional online account, you need to keep updating it. Don’t be a ghost on your online account. Keep engaging with your audience to build your network with people in your field of work. Recruiters tend to search your name to see if you have an online presence. By not having one, it seems as if you are out of touch with the technological requirements in today’s world. Ideally, it is better to create a LinkedIn profile which you can add on your resume to make a positive impression.

Inappropriate posts & photos

Granted you have the freedom to post and share your comments, keep in mind it could cost you potential job opportunities. Posting about every little thing is like thinking out loud. Not everything in your mind is meant for all to see and read. Being overly opinionated isn’t a quality that is desirable. Some posts and photos can be taken out of context and seem provocative. What you post now may come to hunt you later so take down any inappropriate photos or posts to be on the safe side.  


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