Surviving a Job Interview When You are an Introvert

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A person forms their first impression of you in the first few seconds they meet you. As an introvert, you can take advantage of this by walking in exuding confidence.

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Interviews are challenging but when you are an introvert, they can be quite scary. Unfortunately, getting a job means that you have to not only do interviews but impress the interviewer like everyone else

The following three steps can help an introvert like you (and me) get through the interview process without (too) much struggle.

1. Create a schedule for the interview day

“Why are you selectively social around people?” is a question many introverts have been asked. We like people…just not all the time. Even though as an introvert you might enjoy spending time with others, you might find yourself engaging less in activities.

I recommend setting up a schedule which will allow you to have some “alone time” before and after the interview. For example, before the interview you could go to a restaurant, sit in a quiet corner and listen to music while taking your coffee. This will give you the chance to motivate yourself and have the energy to face the interview.  After the interview, take a little walk in a quiet place such as a park. It will refresh and clear your mind and recharge your body.

2. Prepare yourself  for casual conversations with the interviewer

Introverts like direct conversations that have meaning. Small talk feels like a pointless activity to them. However, even if you do not like it, you have to remember that you cannot avoid it in an interview. 

It would help if you came up with some casual questions before the interview that you can ask when you see a chance.

For example, ask your interviewer about her best experiences while working at that particular company or any interesting places to eat around the area where the office is located.  You can get through the small talk by reminding yourself that you are doing it to create a good impression with the interviewer.

3. Bring your best effort at the start and end of the interview

A person forms their first impression of you in the first few seconds they meet you. As an introvert, you can take advantage of this by walking in exuding confidence. For example, the minute you walk into the interview room, have an excited smile and a strong handshake. All these will tell the interviewer that you are friendly and excited about the interview.

You also want to end on a positive note. Flash the interviewer a smile and tell them how great it was to meet them and how thankful you are for the chance. Then give him or her another strong handshake. In this way, you can remain on the mind of the interviewer long after the interview is over.

With these three strategies, you can celebrate being an introvert. Walk into that interview room with confidence… the job is as good as yours.


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