Tales from Kenyatta University's Career Week 2018

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Students need to be able to tap into their creativity, have leadership qualities and continuously be innovative to lead successful career lives both as entrepreneurs and employees.

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Only a sizeable fraction of Kenyan students who graduate annually are ready for employment. In addition to this, part of these students happen to be in a career they are not suited for. This decline in the quality of education has been contributed to by the mere urge of acquiring academic papers.

Kenyatta University has been at the forefront of tackling this challenge facing Kenya’s higher education institutions through its annual Career Week. Fuzu- thought and industry leader in everything career and talent was part of this year’s Career Week themed “Sensitizing the youth on career choice and labor market demand.” This being an opportunity for attendees to learn about career opportunities and the job market demands, Fuzu was in the right place to screen the Nordic Business Forum to advocate for lean thinking and innovation.

Minutes into the Eric Ries’ interview on his Lean Startup movement, one could tell how eye-opening it was for the students and other guests. It was clear that students need to be able to tap into their creativity, have leadership qualities and continuously be innovative to lead successful career lives both as entrepreneurs and employees. The event culminated with an interactive Q & A session with the audience moderated by Nelly Mutula, Head of Talent Acquisition, Fuzu. 

Robert Kahiga, Assistant Career Advisor and Counselor, Kenyatta University shared his sentiments with the audience on why he thinks graduates fail to smoothly transition into working professionals. Among them were lack of job search skills and poor presentations to prospective employers. He was also categorical about students moving away from traditional job search methods to using newfangled platforms, in particular, Fuzu which is far much convenient.

As a student who is ready to enter the job market, I have learned that I should have a professional approach. I should apply for jobs that are in line with my career and purpose and not just any job Wanjere Ebinet, Student, Kenyatta University.

Leaders should learn to appreciate and reward innovation to motivate their teamsAmos Osike, Student, Kenyatta University. 

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    FRANCIS | April 10, 2018 13:08

    would you encourage a forth year student to start pitching for job. if yes, where would i start?


    Fuzu | April 11, 2018 07:11

    Hi Francis, it is best to start your job search as soon as possible and in particular internships or entry level roles. Invest as much time and energy if you are committed to finding a job by the time you graduate.

    Stephen | February 28, 2018 14:15

    It is a good thing to tell something that is most available to apply for,since one has been doing jobs that are not based on his/her target. Recently, i have been working with different companies one dealing with Retailing and customer support, other work as a clerical officer. How can i handle my situation and make me understand the significance of the opportunities to be a competent HR and in most cases have not worked as an human resource which has been difficult for me to get any job cause when i present my cv at an interview i don't get positive response. What is the problem that i sometime feel as m failing and not reaching any potential employers goals and objectives.


    Fuzu | March 02, 2018 08:35

    Hi Stephen, it's human to feel disappointed but don't give up. However, it is important to understand that hiring managers look for candidates who fit their needs. Make sure to include skills acquired from your previous roles that mirror the assets they are looking for in an employee. Before sending your application, compare it to the company's job description. Focus on your major attributes and notable contributions.

    Isaac | February 25, 2018 12:07

    Waow thanks for that advice

    Erastus | February 23, 2018 06:21

    Waow thnks for the article above i have learned alot of things even though i did not attend the forum

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