#TBT: This Is What Job Searching Used To Be Like

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Job searching isn't what it used to be. If you did any of these things to find a job, then you, my friend, have seen life.

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Job searching has come a pretty long way since back in the day when we used the term ‘tarmacing’. With online job boards and intuitive technology like Fuzu’s that knows which jobs you’re best suited for, you don’t have to go out into the streets to look for work. But, we thought we should throwback to 2 major things that remind us what job searching used to be like.

The Cyber Cafe

It may be a hard thing for millenials to grasp but once upon a time, if you wanted to use the internet it would cost you a pretty penny. Worse, you would have to go to a cyber cafe to do it. Cyber cafes were these places with many machines, using dial up internet (the kind that used a landline phone) where they would charge as much as 10 bob per minute. Eventually, it became 1 bob but that was after many years passed and competition in the cyber cafe business grew stiff. While cybers still exist, back then, they were a job seekers heaven used for printing CVs, making copies of certificates and looking for work on the internet. They were dark times. Now, you have your phone and Fuzu that let’s you find your dream job from anywhere in the world.

The Brown Envelope

Once you were done at the cyber cafe, you’d have to shop your CV around. Most people would put their documents in these brown A4 envelopes to drop off at companies where you would meet a hostile security guard or an uninterested receptionist who would add your envelope to a growing stack on some desk. It was archaic and rarely yielded results. Most times, you had to know someone who knew someone to make sure your brown envelope ended up on the right desk or in the right hands. Compare that to now where all you have to do is create a profile and let employers find you. Thank God for small mercies!

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    Nairobi | May 30, 2018 08:03

    I totally agree. This is a real throw back. If you ever wanted even a job as a security guard you still had to know someone who knows someone to push for your documents to be reviewed

    Bernard | May 09, 2018 19:15

    Oops what will be in some years to come... Job hunting is what drive current generation crazy

    Fredrick | April 26, 2018 09:54

    Real evolution.Just wondering what job hunting will be in 20 years time

    Default profile photo 50

    Linda | April 27, 2018 13:37

    Or if there will be job hunting at all. #Utopia

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