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Integration is a developer’s ability to embed themselves as a compatible, vital member of a team.

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Team skills are a developer’s ability to fit into existing structures, effectively communicate through various channels and identify with organizational values. Team skills are divided into three main components:

1. Communication: To communicate effectively, a developer should have the ability to understand others and make themselves understood, both in writing and speaking. Software engineers have to be willing to ask open-ended and powerful questions, seek and request feedback, and respond in a structured and systematic way. These, in addition to others, are very important, because good communication makes quality high-value targets at the expected time.

2. Professionalism: Software engineers demonstrate professionalism by reacting and communicating with respect to team members and stakeholders. This allows a developer to display an understanding of the team’s goals and an acceptance of the team’s mission. A professional developer knows how to identify both internal and external stakeholders, knows what to communicate to them and how to do it well. This includes sharing the good news, and bad news, like proactively alerting them about slip-ups in delivery as soon as they become aware of them to manage expectations.It also includes clearly sharing how work is delegated, with estimates and reasoning for proposed delivery times.

3. Integration: Integration is a developer’s ability to embed themselves as a compatible, vital member of a team. They can absorb and reflect a team’s value by building relationships, understanding team dynamics and motivating themselves to stay positive and commit to long-term success. Integration also requires being culturally aware, adaptable and sharing knowledge.

This skills list is not exhaustive. There are many developer skills, and their necessity varies with each unique organization and developer level. At Andela, The Andela Skills Framework, developed by an amazing internal team, has allowed us to measure nearly 1,000 data points, as our Software engineers demonstrate the mastery of their skills on the path to becoming world-class technologists. Each Andela developer that uses their work and team skills doesn’t just build better engineering teams, they change the landscape of technology in Africa.

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